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    How to get fund for startup in India

    Do you want to know the basic requirements for startup business and generation of funds? Then check in here to know from our ISC experts.

    As you know we heard sometime all about startup business in India by the youth and some highly skilled professions too. At the same time, there are some private companies and Indian Government too helps for the startup business by following its guideline. Thus, I would like to know how to get fund for startup business in India? What are the basic things one shall submit to review the application for startup business? Who are eligible to apply to get fund for startup business? It will be helpful for many youth if we get whole points on startup business to get an idea, proceed, work on it and enrich the economy through business in the future.
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  • There are plenty of funds that you can find for startups. Some of them are commercial and some of them are government. Here is a short list.

    1. Indiaquotient Investment Trust
    Site :

    2. Sidbi Social Venture Trust
    Site :

    3. Startup Village Fund

    4. India Infrastructure Fund II

    These are some of the known and popular startup investment options. You can check out the crowdfunding options. Here's the short list for the same.

    1. Ketto
    Site :

    2. Bitgiving

    3. Wishberry

    4. Catapooolt

    5. Milaap

    These are the popular options for the crowdfunding. I suggest you to check out some of the local options. And based on the options that you have you can choose for that at first and later you can go with the most popular online options.

    One more good scheme is : Startup India scheme but it requires a lot of documentation.

  • There is only one genuine loan which can be availed for startup in India. Although, there are financing funds ranging from 50K to 10 Lakhs for startup or business in India. You have to come up with unique ideas that would profit all.

    Our Pradhant Mantri Shri. Narender Moti has introduced PMMY loan for Startup India and Business loans that can be availed by anx Indians with no gurantors and collatoral free loan. It requires a little paper work.

    Pradhant Mantri MUDRA Yojna(PMMY): The category of loan amount and docs required are-

    (a) SHISHU: 50K
    (b) TARUN: 5Lakhs
    (c) KISHORE: 10Lakhs

    1. Company Registration document (Pvt. Ltd)
    2. Aadhar Card
    3. PAN card
    3. Address proof

    The loan amount will be diposited to your accoun in less than 10 working days.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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