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    Can I do a BA in Sociology and then an MA in International Relations?

    Interested in making a career in International relations? Searching for the colleges offering undergraduate program in the same field? Find suggestions from experts here.

    I want to study International Relations, but I'm confused for undergraduate Course. This is because I can't find a suitable college that offers undergraduate programs in International Relations. I want to study Sociology, will I be eligible for an MA in International Relations?
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    There are various universities and educational institutes offering MA in International Relations. As such there is not any particular undergraduate course which directly gets you admission in MA (International Relation) but in general the institutions ask a undergraduate degree along with a GRE score for the admission.

    Some of the suggested subjects which can be taken in undergraduate course as major are - political science, journalism, economics, sociology etc. However other subjects in humanities are equally eligible.

    So you can go ahead with sociology as major in your undergraduate program.

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    Even if you study Sociology in Graduation, you can take admission in International Relations in Post-Graduation in future. However, Political Science is the ideal subject at Graduation level for higher studies in International Relations. Various universities in India like Jawaharlal Nehru University, Jadavpur University, University of Madras, Annamalai University, etc. offer Post-Graduation degree in International Relations.
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    The question itself reflects the confused state of mind of the author. On one hand you are saying that you are interested in International Relations while you wanted to pursue Graduation in Sociology as one of the subjects. Firstly be clear of yourself. You have not mentioned about your present course of study and the stream you have opted.

    Presuming that you are a student of 12th standard with Humanities as your backdrop, I would like to clarify your doubt. A graduation is a 3 year Degree course with three subjects as optional. For example B A course with Public administration, Sociology and History. Some Universities offer a degree course with one subject (say Public Administration) as Main and two optionals (say Sociology and History in the given example). It depends on the course curricula offered by the University. International Relations is offered at Graduation level by many reputed Universities. To suggest such colleges/universities, you should tell us the area of your living or the places you prefer to study.

    Further, there is no problem even if you do your Graduation in Sociology and you can switch over to MA in International Relations. Certain courses don't need specific study at Graduation level and any Graduate can opt them in Post graduate level. If you are interested, you can do your MA in international relations and there are many Universities which would offer such courses through distant mode also.


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    I think both of these courses are slightly skewed of each others goals. If you wish to pursue the MA in International relations then doing BBA Sounds more better option. The reason being jobs with BBA and MA International relations can be good to approach. As the MA international requires a lot of concepts which are often covered in BBA. In case of BA sociology you may not find the career worth taking off. However you may approach the current plan of BA sociology and MA international relations. As many universities have specific internship options that can be useful for you in such context. You'd learn a lot of things along the way in the process.

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    Good you are thinking about your career and future education for yourself. Being in school and concentrating
    on those studies are also important for getting admission for a Under graduate degree. Studying the Under graduate
    degree in sociology is a good option to choose as education is becoming advanced too. For a M.A. International Relations the eligibility course is an undergraduate degree. Definitely you can study well to get to M.A. International Relations degree in the future.

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    The criteria for joining in many postgraduates courses of Arts stream is not particular about the subject in graduation. Even B.Sc completed students also can apply for M A course. So there should not be any problem in joining M.A. International Relations.

    In graduation , you have to choose 3 subjects. If Sociology is one subject, what are the other two you have not mentioned. You can choose the subjects you like and do graduation.

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    Yes, you can opt for International Relations in the post - graduate courses from Jadavpur University, Annamalai - university, JNU etc. By going through such programme, you would be able to be familiar with the cultural relations of the different countries but however one question arises and I would like to have your explanation why Sociology is the main thrust area in the graduation - level and later it is being replaced with the International Relations in M.A.
    Amalgamation of such combination is possible and can be persued with one's will. However, you may consider other option by persuing BBA in International Relations and then take up MBA with the similar stream from a leading institution thus enhancing your employment - prospects.

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