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    My father name jugal kishor in 10th & 12th marksheet and in grauation marksheets it is jugal kishor

    Is there any difference in the names reflected in your board examination certificate or mark sheet? Find out how to correct it.

    My father's name Jugal Kishore in 10th & 12th marks sheet and in graduation marks sheet it is Jugal Kishore Sharma. Can it create any problem during verification of documents in Bank exam? Please help me anyone who know about this ?
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    Documentation is such a thing that any error or mistake in it whether minor or major is a matter of serious concern as it will create a mismatch every where and it will be difficult to move ahead for you with such dubious data.

    Actually speaking the name, date of birth, gender, fathers name etc are the crucial elements of ones identity and any change in that is not admissible as you will face difficulty in future when you go for making your PAN card, Aadhar card, Voter card, Driving license etc .

    Presently what you should do is approach your college/ university authorities and give an application for correction of your father's name from 'Jugal Kishor Sharma' to simply 'Jugal Kishor' in your graduation marksheet and certificate and request them to issue a corrected one. It may take some time as they may send it to university or college head office also other wise they will issue it from their level.Please remember, in future when ever you apply for any thing and fill a form, write your father's name as 'Jugal Kishor' only.

    In case you are very much inclined to keep your father's name as 'Jugal Kishor Sharma' only in your graduation certificate and as well as in all your future documentations (like PAN, Aadhar etc) then there is another cumbersome procedure where you have to give advertisement in newspaper and other formalities to change your father's name from 'Jugal Kishor' to 'Jugal Kishor Sharma' and produce this documentation along with your X and XII class marksheet/ certificate every where every time. At this juncture I will not advise you to go for this cumbersome procedure and you better stick to the previous one as detailed by me in earlier paragraph.

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    Its really a matter of concern. I will suggest you to contact principal of college and ask him to remove sharma as you have said Jugal kishor Sharma. If he refuse then see what name is written on T.C. or school leaving certificate. If only jugal kishor is mentioned in T.C. or S.L.C. then college or university will certainly issue you a new certificate as name in university is generally written on the basis of S.L.C.
    If in S.L.C. the father's name is mentioned as Jugal Kishore sharma then you have to applied concerned board (State board/ CBSE etc) for the correction in the mark sheets and certificates. For the correction you have to submit a form online /offline with certain fees and some documents like photocopy of scholar book of school and photo copy of mark sheet along with original mark sheet. After 10-15 days your board will issue you a new certificate and mark sheet.

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    Difference in father's name in certificates is not acceptable for many purposes. It is advisable to get it corrected immediately. Generally the name written in SSC is taken as correct. Changing in that certificate is difficult and takes lot of procedural requirements.

    But it is better to get it changed in Graduation certificate. It will be done by the university you studied through your college

    Do you have a birth certificate? Name of your father in the birth certificate and your SSC certificate should be same. Please observe and take actions accordingly.

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    Generally there won't be any problem if there is a wrong reflection of parent's name in any of the qualifying examination certificates. If your name is wrongly shown, it is a matter of concern and needs immediate remedial action. You need not worry in your present case as the name 'Sharma' seems to be found missing, else 'Jugal Kshore' is rightly reflected. It is not a serious matter to be worried about as if the wrong reflection of name of father would make you to get disqualified. Focus your attention on the examination first and try to get through.

    Coming to the point of doubt, you can approach you school and college authorities to get the name changed. They would provide you the prescribed format to be filled in by you and forward it to the concerned Board of Education duly verifying from their records and Transfer certificate they have issued as well. On getting a communication from the Board authorities, the Head Master/Principal can amend the Marks sheet/certificate duly attesting with a dated signature and stamp. If you feel that it is a cumbersome procedure and can't wait for some time, then there is a legal option where you can file an affidavit duly signed by a Notary that the correct name of your father is 'Jugal Kishore Sarma' while some part was found missing in the Marks sheet. Once again, I am confidently suggesting you not to get worried and it won't be a hurdle for your future employment.


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    I think there would be no problems with parents name spelled slightly wrong. But there are going to be problem during the Visa and passport and other international documents. As those documents require us to have first name and last name correct throughout all the documents. I suggest being proactive and get the correction done through the college documents. You have to visit the office and get the correction made. You may have to do notary for the changes just in case as some require for this big change on the documents. Government department won't be doing the issues in such case so you're good to go.

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    Although it is a minor mistake, even then you may face problem in case of selection in Government jobs or in property-related matters. However, the solution is more or less simple. You have to go to a First-class Magistrate of your city and sign a suitably-worded affidavit stating that Mr. JK and Mr. JKS (your father's name, both in short-form and the full name) are same. You have to preserve this affidavit. Additionally, a similarly-worded advertisment is also required to be published in an English newspaper and in a vernacular newspaper. You need to keep these advertisements permanently.
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    From the information provided by the author it seems the name of the community was not carried in the 10th class and 12 class memo sheets and in graduation memo his father name appears with community name. Nothing to worry. Based on the graduation memo only you try to append every time with same name and over the passage of time the tenth class and twelfth class memo gets immaterial. Still if you need to change the name, you can apply for corrections along with a affidavit duly notarized suggesting University board citing the correct name mentioned in the graduation certificate .
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    In many cases there are misprint name in document.
    Needy one can certified the same from Notarized advocate who after due verification will issue a certificate claiming the two different name are same.
    One can visit the Advocate and can get the detail info about the same.
    There must be such kind of mistake which can be realized by Advocate and can certified the same.

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