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    Is it wise to join an MLM company in India?

    Planning to become an associate of an MLM company in India? Understand first the pros and cons and seek expert advice on whether it is wise to join up with such a company.

    There are many multi level marketing (MLM) / network marketing companies in India that offer herbal products along with personal care, home care, and health care. But the vague things are: Are they genuine? Are they legal and successful? Do they offer 90% best result products?

    I'm intrigued to know about and join a reputed MLM company in India as an associate & promote their products and thus become financially independent by earning additional income. Is it safe to join such a company and how to do so?
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    Some MLM ( multilevel marketing ) are really genuine and legal like vestige, foreverliving, SARSO( sharing achivements and rejuvanating society),herbal life and dubli, sami direct,amway. Sami direct is best MLM because they have high quality of products with reasonable price.
    For starter MI lifestyle marketing private ltd. Is good mlm company, 17years experience in direct selling joining. top brands or variety of products such as food supplement,health supplement, personal care products and many more.

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    MultiLevel Marketing is one type of marketing products . However unless the product is good and affordable, the sustainability cannot be ensured. Most MLM business rely on models of chain spread. It depends on the spread of chain at the lower levels.
    So what happens mostly is those who had joined earlier get good benefits, but those who join later may not get that much. This because of the tapering up results and spread at lower levels. By and by,t he chance of discontinuity and break in chain can occur gradually. Then the business will not be profitable and attractive to many.

    Hence I would suggest that you may join an MLM business if you do not have any other occupation, or as a part time additional revenue earning chance. Please ensure that the products are good in quality, affordable in price. Also make sure that the company gives good backing for any issues like rejection, credit etc.

    If you have already an income earning occupation, do not leave it for this, but can take up as an extra income earning avenue. Then seeing how it progresses you may take proper decision later.

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    To be blunt, never Join MLM company. There are plenty of legit and better ways of making money. MLM companies mostly drain the money out of the people who join and the referrals of those people. And most of the products are overly priced and not even worth buying.

    Programs like Amway, BizIndia are very expensive for anyone to join. And sustaining the growth with referrals is not easy. You'd end up paying for some expensive products. And in the long run those type of programs are only going to drain a lot of money. And you may lose credibility among people.

    People who are good at handling social feedback and would want to make more referrals should be going for the MLM company. As their efforts towards getting connections and then making them to join under you is crucial. And that's how most of the MLM leads get their money out. If you can do this without any guilt then yes give this one a shot.

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    Multi Layer / Level Marketing MLM is good if you dedication to spend your entire time for doing it.
    It is always risk to join if you can not spend time selling it. There are lot of students who falsely joined by MLM people just for making money and now they are doomed.
    Make sure to evaluate price of MLM marketing company. If they are worth and really need to buy then only take it.
    Check your schedule if you have time to spend for MLM. Also MLM is all about contacts. Do you really have contact to sell products and making members.
    Are you comfortable becoming salesman and sell products ,getting members door to door.
    All these aspects plays important role. So plane accordingly.

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    Frankly speaking, it is not that much advisable to get engaged in full time employment under the MLM business activity as observed from the performance index of certain companies like Amway. Multi-level marketing is a business strategy to make money through direct sales of products to customers. You can afford it to do concurrently when you are employed with some other job or no other option available for you. Particularly the herbal products are much costlier and very hard to convince a customer to get attracted towards it. The Pyramid schemes in the MLM business strategy focus more on recruitment than on product sales. This chain link working system very often make the customers fed up with the products and may lead to downward trend in the market as happening in many cases today.

    Some MLM companies are able to show revenues based on the sale of thier products by offering numerous protections, such as a money-back guarantee. But it appears not working properly when it comes to return of the product when the customer is not satisfied. Thus this mode of marketing is prone to high risk factors and depending on such companies at the cost of our career is always vulnerable to ups and downs.


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    There is no legal validity or recognition for Multilevel Marketing Companies activities in India. Please note that those companies which failed in their marketing endeavor for its product and services only stoop to the level of this last try and some foolish people join the same activity just succumbing to the promise of good chain of income for others hard work. One of the American company which was either too advertising its products on teleshopping medium has failed to sell its products and thus took the other route of marketing and selling their products through MLM method and eventually they gave vast training and kits to those who joined them for new and fresher by promising hefty commission if they keep on appointing real toilers for the work and thus this activity earned the wrath of the police and they arrested the people and company boss. So I strongly say no to MLM activities which is not good for sincere job seeker.
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    There are some Multilevel Marketing Companies which are existent due to aggressive advertising and their salesman lure the guillble customers to use the products marketed by them. No doubt, the prices are unreasonable though in terms of efficiency of such products, the products are not superior while examining its physical and chemical properties. In order to retain its position, they have devised different mechanisms such as offering attractive commission by its aggressive selling and the agents are encouraged to seek referrals for the continious promotion of such over - priced products.
    Prior to joining such companies, the aspirants must exercise caution so that upon joining these companies they get nothing but frustration though one may get several attractive promises if the sales - targets are achieved. Instead of playing a gimmick role, the manufactures should be honest, introduce the genuine products and the prices of the products should be quite affordable to most of the users.

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