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    How to decide which is the best font type for a blog?

    Are you breaking your head to decide the font type for your blog? Don't worry. Just check in here, our experts would solve your problem.

    I have a number of blogs and generally use Arial font and select 'normal' for the font size. Is that OK? I would like feedback from those who are having their own blogs or personal websites as to which font type they consider as ideal to use. Should a font type be considered based on certain factors? What would these factors be? For example, would the type of content need to be considered? Please give examples specific to the content, like if it is a travel blog or an education blog - would a different font need to be used?

    With relation to selecting a font type, some bloggers talk about a font being 'Web safe'. What exactly does this mean and what are the determining factors for this?
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  • If you are using responsive theme on your blogs then they take care of the font size for you. And you don't have to optimize for each device that is accessing your blogs.

    There is a lot of study out there that tells you which type of niche can make use of which color and fonts for better readability. If you are using Google web fonts, then check the google for the combination of fonts that you can use on your blog. Some combination may match theme and some may not. So you have to experiment with a bit and adjust accordingly.

    Check the following resources.

    1. Font pair :
    2. Google font combinations :

    These are two good resources to try out.

    I have found that Droid sans and Source Sans with Arial is a good combination. As for font size, 14 is pretty much common for both mobile device and the desktop. However based on theme, you may have to experiment with the size. So as far as font size is concerned then it depends on theme.

  • Hi,
    When you are writing a blog font type and size plays an important role for success of your blog. It can be decided on the content of your blog, the subject matter you choose for writing. For example if you are writing on art and craft Comic Sans will be ok for such blog. And you have to decide your own. Try to do something new which can bring more traffic to your blog.
    And the most important thing is I think the font size and color. You must take care while selecting the font size as anybody can open your blog with their smartphone or tablet or in their basic mobile phone apart from viewing in laptop or in desktop. Font color must be compatible with the theme of your blog and the background you selected.

  • Font doesn't have to do anything with the content as long as the size are fit for the articles and your blog. Most successfull ane Pro Blogger jazz up their text with Goggle web fonts. This font is an open source database of web fonts available for pesonal and commercial use. Most font developers use this platform to showcase their creativity and webmaster or Blogger can make their blog or website most professional showreel look and feel than unique than it would have.

    Google fonts URL:

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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