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    How does a peacock get a peachick?

    Puzzled about how the young one of a peacock is born? Lay your confusion at rest with the correct answers in this Ask Expert page.

    Is it true that a peahen does not mate physically with peacock for becoming pregnant? I heard from somewhere that when a peacock cries, the peahen takes the tears in the mouth and then the peahen will get pregnant & lay eggs. Is it true that tears of a peacock makes the peahen pregnant?

    Also, how to identify which is a peahen and which is a peacock?
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    What I too read in the history and told by the elders that Peacock family does not mate physically and when the Peacock dances during the spring season, the tears of the same would taken by the peahen and thus becomes pregnant and lays eggs. Only the Peacock as the ability to dance and attract the peahen and as such peahen does not have the quality of dancing. Moreover Peacocks wont dance now and then. It requires the right kind of climate, cloudy weather and about to rain situation , then only it gets the mood of dancing which is watched and attracted by the peahen and rest happens is the nature.
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    That is as ridiculous as it can get, Mohan.
    How can a peahen get pregnant with tears?!!! They do mate like other birds.

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    Its totally myth that peacock does not meet physically. In reality peacock physically meet like other birds and animals.
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    Let's put some facts with science. Peacocks do undergo the mating ritual like any other birds.

    And that's how they are managed to survive in evolution chain. Like any other bird, the male has to impress the female bird and get her attention. However in case of peacock there are more than one female in queue that may compete. And the male bird often chooses the female bird. That's why there is a lot difference in sexual selection of the birds.

    You can read more about the peacock reproductive process on Wikipedia :
    Also there are scientifically documented proof that they do go through the mating ritual. You can find out the ritual here as well.

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    It is not true that pew fouls do not mate. They mate like any other bird. The female and male have to mate and the female lays eggs and rears the offspring in safety. However the nature of the bird are such that humans rarely get sight of that. There are some good video clips taken by wild life and nature photographers available in the internet.

    As the bird is very unique and having the feathers quite unique, there are many myths associated with it. What you mentioned is one such myth. There was another myth among little children(in my school days) that if you keep a peacock feather secretly, it will breed more feathers.
    The beauty and the myths have become detrimental to the birds as they are poached upon much.

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    Yes, peacocks mate like any other bird. And male peacocks dance to impress the females. Female judges the health of it's potential mate through his dance, bright feathers and plumage. When everything seems apt, female surrenders to the male. But the male doesn't stop it's mate calls. He lures other females too. It is to ensure the survival of his gene pool. It is the egg laying pattern of the peahen that is different. They don't lay all of the five eggs at same time. A hen lays an egg and comes back to lay another whenever she pleases.
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    Contrary to mythological stories, peacocks and peahens mate like other birds. Mating of peacock and peahen is similar to the mating of rooster and hen. For courting, the male peacock spreads tail feathers in a large fan-shape and walks shaking the feathers to attract the attention of the peahens . A peahen will chose a mate based on having the largest and most colourful feathers. For mating, peafowls align sexual organs (cloacas) and have intercourse, later giving eggs (maximum six in number). During the breeding season, peacocks establish their respective breeding territories where the peahens move through in search of breeding partner.
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