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    What are the type of questions asked for a driving license test?

    Appearing for an RTO driving license test? Quickly prepare yourself by knowing what type of questions are asked and whether this test is mandatory to obtain a license.

    I want to apply for a driving licence of a 2-wheeler vehicle and wish to know what type of questions the examiner will ask about driving in the RTO office. Is the test very difficult & is the examiner very strict?

    Also, is it possible to get a driving licence without giving the driving test?
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  • First of all never think of short cut route to obtain the driving licence. By the way every road user either learning, new or old must know the basics of traffic rules and only that questions are being asked in the RTO office during driving test. Now a days the test is being conducted with the help of computer graphics and not asked by personally by the RTA officials. So while moving on road, do read the traffic sings displayed here and there and get to know the meaning for the same from other road users or learn from the internet the meaning of such signs and that would be easy for you to learn the traffic lessons. By the way only basics are asked by the RTO official and even some correct answers are responded, you will certainly get the learning licence for sure and cannot avoid this exam.

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    Even this challenging situation would ease

  • RTO tests vary from state to state. If you are applying for the international driving test then that would be different compared to the local test rules. In case of state based driving rules, you'd be presented with the set of questions that tests your knowledge of driving rules. And based on that you'd get qualified for the license. After computerized test, the next would be the field test. Here one supervisor is going to test your knowledge of driving. If the supervisor fails you in the field test then after one month you have to reapply. That's how the driving license tests are conducted these days. Learning license is easy to acquire as you only have to give the computerized test. And most of those questions are very easy to attempt. Field test for the final license would be harder to manage in that case if you are not familiar with the rules and the real driving conditions.

  • The Driving Licence test is conducted in two phases. The first one is LLR and the second one is permanent Licence test. To get a permanent Licence you should get qualified in the test for LLR (Learner's Licence for Driving on Road). It consist of some 30 questions with multiple choice ( pattern varies from state to state) based on general traffic rules) and generally you would be qualified here to get LLR certificate. Now you can drive the vehicle with a ' L' sign and a pillion rider having Permanent licence (in strict terms) which is valid for six months. After one month you can apply for Permanent Driving Licence and you would given a slot for the field test by the RTO. here you would be asked to drive in a specified area which would have small curves with right turn and left turn and 's' shape and your driving capabilities are tested. Also there would be a Viva-voci (oral questions/interview) on various traffic symbols with which you should be through. You would be qualified in the test only on performance basis. Previously there was laxity on the part of RTO authorities and of late I observe strict compliance of rules everywhere.


  • Generally very simple questions are asked in the RTO test. The questions include meaning of three traffic lights, various symbols and questions on use of clutch, gear, steering, hand-brake and mirrors. The test is generally very simple.

    Some unscrupulous people or middlemen generally arrange to get the licence without the test. But for the sake of your own safety, you must learn driving properly and get the licence clearing the test. Shortcuts are not always helpful.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

  • The driving licence - test comprise two components - the first being the written test and the other one is the exposure of the applicant in real test driving where he is evaluated for his driving capability by an officer authorised to conduct this test.
    Generally, the written test contain questions relating to traffic with which the applicant must be familiar such as significance of traffic - light, proper use of gear and clutches and the significance of signalling. Upon passing this test, the final date of driving - test is notified. In case, one passes both the tests, the driving - licence is issued finally.
    Any applicant having purchased a new vechile irrespective of the type has to apply before the RTO for the registration of the vechiles and the applicant is issued a learning driving - licence and finally a driving - licence is issued subject to his clearance of the final test of driving.

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