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    What kind of businesses are profitable and successful in India?

    Want to start a business in a small town in India? Looking out for the best options? Find suggestions from experts on this page.

    I am planning to start a business in India, Nagaland. What is the best business to start with 1.50K investment? What businesses will be profitable in small town?
    Excluding Pan shops, small retail shops and florist.
    Suggest the procedure, vendors and requirements.
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    In small towns one can try the following businesses -
    1. Providing various maintenance services under one roof - For this one has to make a group of maintenance mechanics for gas stove, washing machine, water purifier, mobile, TV etc and manage them under one roof. On call from customer the concerned person has to attend and collect the service charges. A part of the collection (generally not more than 15%) is to be retained for office development .

    2. Huygenic food stall - This is basically an eating joint where people can come leisurely and enjoy with their family. This requires a team of workers who are specially trained for keeping the cooking place neat and clean and transparent to the customer. This will help in increasing the clientale.

    3. Tiffin service - Now a days more and more people are going for jobs and in many families the husband and wife both are working. Under such scenario they like to order home like food from the hotels. Tiffin service is very handy at such times and people will get food from tiffin service rather than a hotel. One can start it by hiring a few cooks and 3-4 workers and a place for a kitchen.

    All the above require a small capital to start and can be expanded on successful beginning.

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    From my observation, I find that food supply is the best business and having demand always.
    What is need is to supply clean, hygienic food at affordable price.
    So my suggestion is for opening a stall for supply of ready to make or ready to eat food items. You may alternatively open a small eatery taking proper sanction and licence from the local authority.
    You may make limited quantum only initially. But ensure quality and affordable price. The demand will definitely rise. Then seeing the demand you can increase the quantum gradually. You may also think of just parcel items and not facilitating eating at the stall if that is more convenient and in demand.
    These days children and even adults like a change and take outside food frequently. So eateries supplying good food with variety and quality is much sought after. The turnover and cash flow is quick . So there need not be much investment. However consistency is important. The business should be properly supervised for customer service, consistency and hygiene. Hence employee loyalty(if outside people are engaged) is very important.

    The second one suggestion is to open a bakery and sweet stall. The stall can provide a space for taking cool-drinks or tea by customers. This will work well near bus stand and main junctions. This business has regular demand.

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    Fistly I'm not a chef. Restaurant business might be profitable but how can I take a risk in that niche. Suggest ideas in Ecommerce, Company and other apart from food. I 'm a tech guy.
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    Having money for investment in business has its importance yet your ability and the knowledge of demography where you want to start your small business does matter. You have to check the available resources at the place of investment and their promotion norms to small scale entrepreneurs. First get registered with the Industrial Development Corporation/commissioner to start a business of your choice. Remember business is not an easy commodity that can be marketed elsewhere with a brief case containing your Cheque books.

    First identify your taste and the business that suits you. Try to explore the resources available in the region. Getting manpower and engaging them in a full time job needs an extra care under the Labour act and you have to follow all the provisions. Based on the capabilities, you can go for establishing a Rice mill, Cloth manufacturing unit, Jute processing unit and a small oil mill where you can slowly establish yourself. For starting a food business or a restaurant, you need not be a chef but should have the capability of engaging proper manpower on the job.

    Just I want to give a simple example of one of the richest persons in India whose brother's son is my classmate. He is none other than GMR Group Chairman G Mallikharjuna Rao, a living legend can be a classic example in this case. He started a small unit of a Jute Mill in a small town Rajam in Srikakulam Dist. of Andhra Pradesh in early Eighties. Now he raised to the level of constructing the Air Ports at Hyderabad, Delhi, Bangalore and Kaulalampur. He is not an Aeronautical Engineer but raised to that extant. So, that is business and you should make up your mind what to do and should know when to extend to other areas.


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    First major things you need to know before start any type of business is knowledge, experience, hard work, expertise and other business skills. experience like attracting the customer towards any product so gaining an experience first by working of any business. only those business succeed which fulfil the needs of its customer well. Season is very important things so choose business that runs in raining ,winter and summer time.

    Food business is good as one cannot lives without food. We eat food everyday for our bettar health which runs in every season, everyday which never ends.
    Education based business is good which is most profitable and success business in india.
    Restaurent business is one of the most successful and profitable business in india. tasty foods is need for everyone.

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    Thanks @Jagdish Patro for the clarification. Can you guide me on how to go for Industrial Development Corporation registration. Also, provide the reference URL.

    Secondly, I'm interested in Jute Proccessing unit, Mill Oil, and Food Business. Guide me to get started. Include step by step procedure.

    Waiting for your input...

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    I think 1.5L is very small amount if you want to generate the business. So you are left with most of the small business with limited growth opportunities. Here are some of my business suggestions.

    1. Xerox and printing : The machine required for printing and xerox can be purchased under 70K in second hand or so. And you can setup this near college. And you'd recover the money in few months. Make sure you have this setup near engineering college or medical college. In case of architecture college, you have even more options.

    2. Delivery Service Some of the courier and the delivery service requires 1L of investment and one small room to setup stuff. And you can join their franchise business. You'd not make much with delivery service but it can be handy side business.

    3. Flipping Buy low cost items from the mumbai and delhi and flip it for higher price. You can either do this offline by setting up a stall. Or you can do this online by signing up to e-commerce sites. That always works for most of the flipping sites.

    Get your business registered as LLP or PVT ltd and then make sure to start your business as soon as possible. That should get you up and working in whichever business model you are going for.

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    Are you sure amount you posted is right for investment. I can read as 1.5K which means 1500 Rs.
    1. Raise your investment by loan or any other modes of sources.
    2. Since you are techy and not interested putting retain shop , plan to think something out of box than your technical knowledge. You have to give up that. Because in small town only retail shops of computer / electronic accessories will benefit you. Those will not be interested building websites or any sort of computer language knowledge.
    3. With that investment you can start wholesale business of being broker. It is purely skills that is required. All you need to survey what demands more in your town and neighboring cities. Research online source of that item or thing online where you can get in cheapest in bulk and sale back through your business.
    4. Bookings and reservations are also need computer knowledge and low investment. But it all depends on how many people interested. All kind of public transport nowadays online so that gives benefit for you to use your technical knowledge.

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    It depends upon the requirements of the area in which you start business . Because most probably you can start a street food items like pav , eggs items and also some kind of local food . you can also sell some kind of already existed items , means by marketing . you can go to people to people door step for convincing them to purchase that item

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    Before starting any business proper market analysis is necessary. Go through your local market and check what product or service is in high demand there and the current suppliers of that particular product in the market. If you can't do it on your own please visit the District industries center of your district they will suggest you the business best suitable for you according to your budget, skill and local demand. They will also arrange financial assistance to you under various schemes of state and central government. The central government has introduced a number of schemes for small business with special consideration for the residents of north eastern states. You can be benefited from these schemes. The District industries center works under the department of industries.

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