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    Why is the sunroof of a car coloured black?

    Ever wondered why a car's sunroof is black? Get to know the real facts behind this, from the expert responses provided below.

    You may have observed that most of the cars have their sunroof black in colour. Why is it so? Is it due to the scientific property of black colour to absorb and radiate heat or some other reason? The primary thing that a common man wants to know is whether it helps to keep the temperature cool inside the car. Kindly explain in short i Is it helpful or not?
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    The car tops are also working on the model of our black umbrellas. That means during summer season , without AC we cannot sit in the car while it is standstill or even moving. The black top on the roof of the car will enable the heat get away rather than penetrating into the cabin. Thus the driver and the passengers in car wont be feeling the heat of the summer. Even the Ayyappa Devotees who take deeksha for every season would wore black dress, which actually keep them warm even during winter season. So black is the color of resistance, mark of protest and observance of heat.
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    Because Black absorbs heat better than any other color. You, see using the same old glasses won't help in the case of sunroofs. The light will directly on the driver and cause inconvenience while driving. Hence these sunroofs are colored black, so as to absorb any light that might cause disturbance while driving.
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    When sunrays pass through any other color, they are going to be reflecting the light of that color. However pure black surface absorbs all the light. Though its difficult to have perfect black body. But the sunglasses that are offered to the car are partially of color black. As the color black doesn't allow the heat and the sunlight to pass through it. And that makes it possible for you to avoid extreme heat getting inside the car. As the glass can't be completely black due to requirement of visibility, the partial black is used to make the sunrays contained and minize the heat and lights intensity being reduced with that roof color.

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    It is the charecterestic of the black colour to absorb the heat and radiate less. However, it is difficult to make a perfect body in practice. In Physics, only the ideal condition has been dealt with. The sun - glasses fitted with the car would absorb the surrounding heat including the sun- light but in no way, it would it pass on to the passengers sitting in the car and in that way, the passengers would avail of comforts devoid of unnecessary heat.

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    As you asked the question I am trying to answer it. It is nothing but general physics. Black color absorbs heat than any other color and also it radiate less heat than any other color. When the sunroof of the car colored as black it absorbs more heat but radiates less, that's why the passengers and the driver sit comfortably inside the car. Otherwise we will need an AC inside the car.

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    Sunroof and Moonroof are connecting terms. While with glass which may be transparent , Opaque or solar based they type of roof called Moonroof. So with only sliding cover or folding cover on top of front seats sealing present then it would be Sun roof. Now most of time Sunroof is with glass and to have transparency or based on photochromatic principle to make glass black.
    There would be other reasons too to identify presence of Sunroof by it's color. Have it black gives it feel of dark night watching through car.

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    Black absorbs more heat than other colour. It is just like a black umbrella. It absorbs total heat and donot radiate heat. So, inner side of the umbrella is colder than outside. So, black colour of sunroof absorbs heat and donot radiate it. So, inside of the car becomes colder.

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    I will give you example of the sunglasses that you wear. It has black tint on it which eases your visibility and at the same time you do not feel the heat when you go out in summers. The basic logic behind this is that black color is a good absorber and does less not radiate heat as per the black body radiation theory. Therefore the sunroof of cars are of black color for maintaining the temperature inside the car.

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