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    How to increase traffic of my blog/ website?

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    A few months back I have started a new blog on blogger, using affiliate marketing to earn from my blog. To get more traffic to my blog, I have bought domain name and mapped it to blogger, I am also sharing it on social media, added it google and bing search engines, but still I am not getting the traffic as expected. Are there any ways to increase traffic and sales from my website?
    My website link is:
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    First it's nothin' ease to get traffic for blog and website'. Set-off your blog and contribute more than 50 contents with 800 words and more. Don't jump or rush to make money from the fist place.

    Here's some significant procedure to get minimum traffic.

    1. Create your Facebook page in the niche and promote using Facebook sponsored ads that cost ?66 for 7days.
    2. Submit to Goggle, Bing and Dmoz directories. They will index your blog and will appear in search result, also leaving a backlink.
    3. Promote to Twitter.
    4. Share you contents in Goggle+ every time you write and submit contents.
    5. Advertise your site: If you naturally assume you have something mind-blowingly brilliant ideas you offer at you site, promote them. This will cost you considering the clicks and impressions.
    6. Subit Guest Blog: An instance of ideas can be taken from my wordpress blog Deohut. When you submit guest articles you not only get an Author credit but you also get a backlink from that site which can get you revelant readers in your site.

    Minimum requirements and guide to submit guest articles.

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    As your website is on the basis of product and services comparison. You may want to focus on SEO and social media. As far as SEO is concerned find out the buying keywords that you may need to use for this site. So you can get more people through google and other search engines. You can't use generic keywords and expect to get traffic from that.

    Social media is another option to get traffic, people have found good success with twitter and facebook for such sites. So make sure you have one facebook page and one twitter account. Make sure to promote your site with the image based posts and branding. That always works for many sites and pages. FB Ads are also known to work if you have found out the target audience for your website.

    Email marketing, if your website has the optin option then use it for promoting best of weekly recommendation etc through mails. You can add the optin at the top of the website. That should get you more people to sign up for recommendation and deals.

    You may have to be creative with the website and find out the reasons why people should use your site. And why they need to click or be on specific page etc. Answering such questions will give you good idea on design. Experiment and learn more about peoples habit on buying or clicking online.

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    For increasing traffic in your blog and website you must post unique and solutions of any type of error. Publish content that solves your audience problems in the best way possible. Look at specific topic which you want to rank for but forget keywords until you have written blogspot. If you are experienced in a particular course than write and post every answer related to your course. If I want to know something firstly I search any topic with adding blogspot in google. So education related question and answer is great idea for increasing blog traffic. Finding out where audience spend more time online and what kind of information they share is key to your content marketing success.

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    1. Traffic can only be increased by writing unique content. I too faced same issue and still I have low hits. Because of it my website yet not approved by many revenue sharing sites.
    2. It takes at least year to get unique visits and post so much content that your site gets high rack in Google search.
    3. Put more relevant keyword labels for search criteria. Choose your topics which widely searched. You have to think as user before publishing.
    4. Since you are advertising coupons and products , all you need to market is in Whatsapp like cellphone messenger so that it can get forwarded to many people fast and easily.
    5. Keep your website in all your profiles of social media and business communications like email signature,

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    Email marketing by Webinar ane Bulk SMS marketing are most convinient methods to generate traffics. You should also provide a subscription option to get few people at your website who will be regularly recieve updates everytime you submit something new.

    You should also offer free shopping coupons and products discount coupons. These codes are available just like in most popular websites blog Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal coupon blog.

    There are also websites that allows uses to get subscribes without spending a penny. Take a look at traffup. There one can register, earn points, likes and ask users to click or visit a link. One click or visits cost you 30 to 50 points.

    To get average traffic one should remain very active in social networks especially if you are promoting or dealing with promotional and coupons.

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    Google and other major search engines updating their search algorithms time to time due to various publishers doing smart work for social and organic traffic. Thus, it is not an easy to get reasonable traffic to a new blog whether it is from Blogspot or Wordpress or other platform and even if they are associated with custom domain too.

    In general, search engine bot take time to crawl the published content and it would take even few months to visit your blog, crawl the content, identify the originality and result accordingly.

    There are many other parameters to get immediate organic traffic that generally major search engine won't reveal them. So, as a blogger, one have to simply publish the quality content or some upcoming trending content and wait for the same without promoting them much for artificial traffic.

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