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    Query about setting up a Competitive business with Govt. organisation in India

    Interested in setting up a business in India? Wondering for which product can the business be competitive with Govt. organisation? Check out suggestions from experts on this page.

    To set up a business organisation it is essential to have Raw materials, Labour, Market and Money.
    In India the most cheapest item is the Labour and is available always for all Jobs under private organisation. Because the same standard labour is available for engagement at 25% cost as compared to Govt.Sectors. Accordingly if any one wants to set up any business unit there is a savings of 75% in labour cost wrt. Govt unit.
    But the question is what will be the nature of the product common with existing Govt organisation so that the above benefit can be availed? Give your idea about this.
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  • Govt of India requires a lot of labor for road work, electricians, plumbers, and many other labor intensive work force. Many times they hire the workforce through tenders and get it on contract. So many companies are building business with govt of India contracts. Though your track record needs to be good. Also with new demands from the government it'd be good if the work gets completed in time. So if you can provide the work that goes in align with such type of niche, then there is a chance for you to get the work from government. Just make sure that the workforce that works with you on such contracts is reliable. More successful portfolio, the better it is for growth of your contractual work on labor.

  • The Government of India is considering several projects for the welfare of the Public. They need reliable contractors for undertaking the job so as to complete the same in time. The projects include expansion of the roads including the repair of the damaged ones. Similarly, electrical - transmission work would need efficient contractors to complete the tender in a scheduled time.
    For all the contractual jobs related to the Government, you must have a good rapport as a contractor and your bidding should be the lowest one so that you are awarded with the contract. Your past performance should be satisfactory at all levels.

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