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    Can I make my career in cricket?

    Interested in building a career in cricket? Looking out for the investment amount? Find advice from experts on this page.

    I have seen some cricketers approached by famous persons. Can I make my career in cricket without any approach? How much money I need to become a cricketer? In how much time shall I be able to play cricket in Ranji trophy?
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    Ambitions are the seeds for progress and - hard work, opportunities, focussed approach and will to struggle - all these work like manure and water for the career plant.

    You have not specified whether you are employed somewhere or self employed or unemployed. Anyway people try to participate in sports in their organisation and if they excel in it they will be selected in the team to contest against other outside teams and slowly the capable and outstanding player will make a place for himself in national level.

    People who are self employed or unemployed have to join some local cricket team directly or through a cricket club and try their luck there and if you have interest, aptitude and zeal for some sport you can always excel in it and reach the desired heights.

    Best of luck.

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    As far as money is concerned you only need the money for your gear. From that part onward what is left is just your hard work. You can then decide how much you need to work hard in order to get selected. There are plenty of players out there who are working hard. Not making much money and also don't have any contacts. Very few of them get selected. So it all comes down to hard-work, your physical stamina and focus. If you can make it to the top with those then your age, your contacts won't stop you. It all comes down to what you do with your performance.

    You can join the local cricket club and then work hard. If you can get selected for city level and perform good then you can go ahead with the state. If your performance on state level goes good then you can get into the recommendation for the selection committee on national level. The process requires a lot of hardwork and pure performance counts.

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    Yes, if you are really determined and focussed towards the cricket, you are to get success in this field. However, you need to highlight your performance simulteneously in the city - level. What you need to,do is to form the circle of the participants from different schools and in a chosen time say three hours in the evening, start playing cricket by taking part as boxer or bowler and let your play to be so impressive that you are selected to participate in the matches to be played in a different city. Your consistent performance in such matches would multiply your chances for being selected in the state- level. You need to repeat your best performance in order that you are selected for the national - level. Certainly, your performance is to be judged by the panel of experts before you are selected in the national level.

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    First and most important thing is any sports you can independently participate if you qualify.
    Now since your interest is in Cricket, you need to be consistent performer.
    1. Start with local cricket and prove your game plan, performance to state level selector.
    2. To get selected in Ranji as well you need to complete certain first class matches. Selectors always goes by performance first before coming to watch your game.
    3. There is influence of famous person on selectors definitely but not always. E.g. If your coach is famous then definitely he will have influence on selection people.
    4. You will need to pay for Cricket Academy. That will include coach charges as well.
    5. Focus is most important in Cricket and should not get distracted by any other means.
    6. Don't lose hope at any time since now IPL is more famous than any form of cricket and gives more earning so keep trying.

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    You have not clearly mentioned about your academics and age. Remember the star sports personalities of the day have not become excellent sportsperson in their field overnight by investing money. An intensive coaching and rigorous hard work made them to reach the heights.

    Coming to your point, you can become a good player in cricket, first by playing with your local friends and get to know the basic elements of the game under the guidance of a local coach. Then choose the nearest Sports school, if any or get in touch with those people who play tournaments at regular intervals and you can be familiar with the rules of the game and other intricacies involved in it. If you are from a school or college, try to find a place in your team and play for the tournaments. All this does not need any investment, even for the kit as you would be sponsored by some other agencies.

    Physical fitness is more important for participating in any of the sports event. So do regular exercises to keep your body fit and maintain to be active. Since you are interest to be a cricketer and represent your state at least in Ranji Trophy level, keep up your performance in various tournaments at District level and state level, so that you can have the attention of your state Cricket association and the state level selection committee. Based on your financial status, joining a Cricket academy would be a good idea for having a professional approach to the game. But don't think that joining an academy would make you sure for a berth in the National or state level games. It would give you an exposure to various tournaments but finally its your capabilities and sporting skills that are displayed would make you a good sportsman in any field.


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    In sports like Cricket, patient is a must. One has to maintain the spirit of sportsman and must have faith. One must has a passion for learning alive becausd ther's no end. The more you learn the more your experience level ups.

    Practicing on regular basis and playing on some occasions will certainly improve your skills and expertise.

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    First practice is important so you need to join cricket club. they charge monthly fee of 1 thousand rupees. money is only spent in buying cricket kit or charge by cricket club. a decent beginner level kit will cost around hard on your dream, don't give up. Believe that yoy can achieve it. practice atleast 5 hours everyday. Within 5 to 6 months you will know if you have a cricketing career. take review with your club coach about how you performed. Play for district level and give our best. Focus on it and do hard work you will definitely get success in that career.

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