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    What are the advantages of publishing a paper for PhD admission?

    Aspiring to do PhD? Searching for detail of colleges, admission and technical paper publication? On this page find responses from experts to resolve your query.

    I am working on my final year project of M.Tech Electronics. I want to publish the paper on my project work. What are the types of publishing the paper? What are the standard national and international publications where I can publish my paper?
    I just heard about IEEE but don't know in detail. I want to know about good PhD options in India and abroad including there admission process and course details? What are the career options after doing PhD? What is the advantage of research paper for PhD admission?
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    You must be congratulated for your persuance of M.Tech in Electronics and it is equally heartening that you want to acquire a Ph.D degree in your related branch. Here two things are important the first one is the Institution from where you want to have perusal of the same and then you need an efficient and a helpful guide to achieve your doctorate - degree. In fact, you would be assigned a topic and your Research - work would proceed in the direction as suggested by your guide. You need to go several books written by noted authors having sufficient teaching experience and at the same time, they do have huge experience in Research - work and apart from it you need to refer to different published journals in order to extract useful materials. Here there is a crucial role of the guide to assist you in your current project and hence the role of Guide in achieving a Ph.D degree is crucial.
    IEEE is a recognised institution approved by HRD and is known as Indian Institute of Electronics Engineer and a degree obtained from this Institute is treated as equivalent to B.Sc ( Engg).
    You can select a premier Institution like IIT for the perusal of Ph.D or otherwise look out for the Regional Engineering Colleges from where the Doctorate degree can be done. You may get the details from the Registrar of IIT of different locations such as Mumbai, Kanpur, Delhi etc. After having obtained a Ph.D from a noted Institute, your prospects for teaching profession in a government college multiplies and there would be faster growth of promotion.

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    Now a days people want to go for a job after completing their professional degree. I am very happy to note that you are doing M.Tech and plans for Ph.D also.

    To publish your paper there are many ways. You can present it in a National or International seminar on similar topics of your area of work. There are many journals which are peer reviewed. You can get the list from internet or from your Institution's library. You can try any journal of your liking. Refer the journal. They will give you the guide lines for publication. Follow them and send. They will review and suggest some changes, accept as it is or reject. If they reject you can try another journal by modifying the paper as per the comments of previous journal. All the best to you.

    There are many university in India offering Doctorate degrees by research. You can try in any good university. Now a days the fellowships offered are also very lucrative.

    always confident

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