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    How can I learn code composer studio from scratch?

    Want to decode a C code for EtherCAT? Are you a novice in C programming? Find out how to decode a C code here.

    I am working on EtherCAT as my (Electronics) project. I have downloaded and installed sys-bios sdk including CCS6. I'm using am3359 as EtherCAT slave and my PC as master. I've flashed an EtherCAT demo code onto am3359. I'm trying to understand that code. But as an electronics student I'm little aware of 'C' language and the code is in advanced C. I want to understand that code completely and draw a flowchart accordingly. I tried in some way but not finding a proper solution. I typed preprocessor directives and googled them one by one but not finding proper results so that I can understand. Please help me to find a solution to understand the code.
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    I think you will require some basic knowledge of C language so that you can make out the syntax easily.
    There are certain tricks to perceive the structure and loops in a code. Sometimes finding keywords will give idea of different loops or groups inside the code.
    Some of the common keywords to try in C are - main, catch, throw, fopen, creat, signal, alarm, socket, fork, select, abort, exit etc.
    The code may be calling some external library functions also. Try to catch those functions and their codes.
    Only after perceiving these basic blocks a flowchart may be useful.
    There are some sites in the internet which give examples in C codes and good guidance on decoding and one can take some guidance from there also. Some of the sites are as follows -, program &

    Knowledge is power.

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    I think Texas instruments official site for the CCStudio has plenty of documentation. I suggest starting from the documentation. And find the tutorials which are good enough for the starting point. If you are trying from the flowchart to the final output. I suggest taking a look at the way IDE works. That way you can understand apart from C which language you can use with CCStudio. This tutorial on youtube is fairly introductory and worth checking out.

    I suggest finding such tutorials so that you can get the idea on how to write code and compile on CCstudio.

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    I think you must learn C from any authentic book or from any other institute, which will help you a lot. Because C is the mother of any programming language. Try to download some useful tutorials from web to get the idea for programming or coding also about the compilation procedure.

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