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    After how many posting InfoLinks approve your Website?

    Do you have a website that is linked with AdSense? Is your website not generating the required revenue? Find out why?

    I have got my site denied by InfoLinks with reason not enough visits to site. Although on average my site have 300-500 unique visits each moth and generating AdSense revenue as well. Now questions is how many blogs should I publish to make enough content and how many visits should my site get for I submitting site again for approval? It's blogger site.
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    The Infolinks is considered as the best Goggle Adsense alternative that provides sponsored ads to publishers in their platform.

    Infolink application proccess is simple and ease to get approved. There is no minimum requirements like traffics, pages views, and estimated min words of your content.

    There are certain reasons why infolinks reject your application if the blog have any information about:
    1. Hacking
    2. Drugs
    3. Pornographic/ Semi-pornographic contents or images
    4. Plagiarism

    Refrain from writing any contents related to illegal and that are against their policies.

    Last but not least, write more than 20 quality and organic articles revelant to your niche and try submitting after a month or two.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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    If your application has got approval from adsense then you can get pretty much accepted in infolinks. As TOS and requirements are less compared to the adsense. For example, you can get approval even without the domain name. Which in compared to adsense you can only either get through hosted adsense or through domain based site.

    If you have a site that doesn't have content that is as per the guidelines of infolinks. If you have around 100-500 views a day. I think it's possible for your website to get approval. Infolinks reuqire a lot of content to make money. So using infolinks on forums is much more advised.

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    Infoliks may be considered as one of the best alternatives but at the same time, you need to have sufficient interest in bringing about very informative articles and these articles must contain originality. The infolink does not allow to write any objectinary articles having touch in sex and crimes nor does it reflect a copy hacked from any source. In case, you are having the litrary abilities and can provide suitable inputs to readers, you are most welcome.

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    One doesn't need to register a top level domain to apply for Adsense or or Infolinks. There are some minimum requirements set by Goggle Adsensd team before making a step further to submit Adsense application. This ensures that your blog is at-least running for six months old with more than 10 quality & organic contents. Along with requirements, he has to add a Privacy policy page, Disclaimer, About us and Terms of Service page.

    Tips: The chances are very high to get approved adsense account if hosting once blog in Blogger. You don't have to apply or submit application because Adsense undrestand your needs and they may sent you an invitation from their end.

    Contrary to that, Infolink requires you to have minimum contents like 20 but they haven't stated the min words of your content. Meanwhile, I recommend 800 words with keywords that are high to appear in search result.

    One has to abide and follow their TOS before applying for new account.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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    Hello Avi,
    My name is Sarah and I'm a support representative here at Infolinks.

    Infolinks is one of the largest online advertising companies in the world today with over 100,00 publishers in 128 different countries. In addition, we have a great referral program that can help you earn even more.

    Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer any question you may have:

    Have a great Day!
    Sarah Hays

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    Hi Sarah,
    Glad to know you are member of ISC. Raising question in public QA gives more sense to acknowledge people experience. However I will send question to infolinks support.
    Thanks to other members for sharing their answers. My blog do provide informative details with photos and it has good amount of visits which giving me adsense earning. I will continue to write for next quarter before trying Infolinks approval again.

    Life Is Beautiful

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    Avi as you mentioned that you are getting 300-400 unique visitors every month but still your Infolink account application has been rejected. Before you apply for any site which pay you for showing ads on your site or blog then you should first read their terms and conditions.
    Your site is not getting enough traffic that's why your application has been rejected. For any website or blog to get selected in such site a minimum of 100-300 visitors on daily is a must condition. They earn through the traffic that come to your site. If they find that your site is not getting enough traffic they will reject it because they see no earning potential on your site.
    Hope this will help you.

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