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    How to get caste certificate of mother's caste instead of father on Govt certificates

    Want to change the caste status on Government certificates from that of your father to that of your mother? Let experts advice you on whether this is possible legally & if so how to make the changes.

    My mother's caste is OBC and father's caste is open category. I want to put my mother's caste as my identity on government certificates. So what is the detailed procedure and conditions for doing so?

    Also, my leaving certificate, S.S.C. and H.S.C. certificates have my mother;s name as LAXIMIBAI but my mother's name on her leaving certificate is MAKHMAL. I want to change it as MAKHMAL. What is the detailed procedure for it?
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    In our country father's caste will be the caste of the children. I don't think that you can do that. If somehow you get it done now. in future it will become a big problem.

    If your father changes his religion from Hindu to other religion in some states they may be treated as OBC. I think this is the only way you have.

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    According to my knowledge it is not possible in India. Actually in our country, the child's caste and religion is determined by his father's caste and religion.
    So, you will be treated as per your father's caste i.e. unreserved or general category.
    Now the second question of you, the name change. First go for an affidavit that both of the name are of a single person. now with this paper apply to the concerned board to change the name in the certificates.

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    It is not feasible to claim the caste of your mother as per the law. Once a woman gets married to a man and their children would belong to the caste and religion to which their father belongs to. In case , the wife belongs to a reserved category and her spouse belongs to the upper category and the benefit of reservations can not be claimed by her children as their father belongs to an upper class. In clear terms, she got the reservation by virtue of her father and the question of claiming the same would only arise when both of the wife and husband get legally separated, also the children prefer to stay with their mother only. So, such a scenario is required? Don't think illogically and try hard to get settled in life.

    Coming to the next point, regarding the wrong mention of name of your mother. If you follow the AE questions, various possible options were given in such cases. To be brief, approach your college authorities and apply for change of name of your mother . Otherwise, submit a legal affidavit at the time of job selection or as and when the need arises where the requirement of mother's name should be correctly mentioned.


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    Though your problem seems to be a genuine one but its redressal seems to be difficult in a country like ours since much importance is attached to the name of the father in SSC, HSC and other certificates. Hence your request to change father's name cannot be entertained as by doing so, the authorities may have to do a lot of amendments and may create legal problems.
    In respect of change of your mother's name in her certificate she has to approach the rotary magistrate either being present by herself or a lawyer on her behalf and has to prove that Laxmibai and Makhmal do represent the same person. Once, the affidavit is approved, this has to be published in both in a local newspaper and a leading English daily. Later your mother's name can be corrected in your certificate with the same procedure.

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    I have read the question in details. Now, the answer:-

    (i) Although other Members have said that it would not be possible to adopt mother's caste for yourself, I would say that it is possible. You have to give an application before the Metropolitan Magistrate stating that your father deserted your mother and yourself, and you are being brought up by your mother and relatives from mother's side (maternal uncles, maternal grandparents, etc.). If the Magistrate accepts this plea, you can adopt mother's caste.

    (ii) To change your mother's name, again you have to sign an affidavit before a Metropolitan Magistrate that your mother's original name is Ms. MAKHMAL and Ms. LAXIMIBAI and Ms. MAKHMAL are same. Similarly-worded advertisements are required to be publishedd in one English and one vernacular newspaper. The original affidavit and original advertisements are required to be preserved permanently.

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    If there is a genuine reason to change your caste to your mother's caste than legal courses are available through affidavits duly registered in the magistrates office.

    Genuine reason means - if your father has abandoned or deserted you or is absconding from police or is a criminal with whom you do not want your name and caste to be attached and things like that.

    If the intentions are not genuine and you want to do it just to get a benefit in getting a Govt appointment then going through this cumbersome procedure is not advisable as the complaint redressed mechanism in Govt is becoming more and more affordable and transparent day by day for the complainant and there are harsh punishments when the truth is revealed.

    So before going for such things one has to consider the pros and cons.

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    This is direct approach of changing caste. It will be better to think positive and secure good scores in all your exams and try for jobs. There has been lot of intercast marriages recently happened and only single parent allowed to enroll child with his/her cast. Better trust in your faith since your mother too accepted it. This castes equality issue can not be resolved so better to think different way and plan for your life.
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