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    How to avoid Typhoid fever

    Do you want to know about the reasons for Typhoid fever and the home remedy for its cure? Go through the responses here given by the ISC experts.

    Many aware on how to cure different types of Typhoid fevers by following Doctors advice and prescription. The issue is it will take time to identify the Typhoid fever itself from a normal fever and till that time the patient become weaken and unable to know the exact fever sometime from similar symptoms. Apart from this, as a safety measure, what is the reason for incurring Typhoid fever, how to avoid Typhoid fever and the best home remedy for Typhoid if any. Kindly enlighten on this.
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    Typhoid is a life threatening disease. It is caused by the Salmonella Typhi bacteria. This disease is prevalent in developing countries where treated drinking water is not available and huygiene conditions are poor.
    The bacteria is transmitted through the contamination of food and water by the faeces and urine of infected people.

    There are many precautions to be observed to avoid typhoid -
    1. Wash your hands thoughrouly after all the daily activities.
    2. Do not eat or drink from open and unclean places specially street vendors.
    3. Do not take fruits or salads without washing and peeling them.
    4. Avoid raw foods and take hot cooked foods.
    5. Do not take ice, specially from outside.
    6. Drink only treated and clean water.
    7. If traveling extensively take typhoid vaccine but it is not fully safe so precautions are still to be observed.

    Remember, good hygeine and safe drinking water is the key to avoid typhoid.

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    Typhoid is a food and water born disease. I am providing some important information related to disease:
    Pathogen: Typhoid is caused by a bacteria called Salmonella typhi.
    Symptoms: Symptoms of Typhoid are:

    1. Headache and bodyache.
    2. High fever.
    3. Development of small shining rashes on body.
    4. In severe infection, bleeding from intestine.

    Prevention: Some method of prevention of typhoid are:

    • Typhoid also spreads through flies, thus its control is necessary.
    • Proper sanitation and personal hygiene required, if this disease spreads.
    • The sputum, urine and stool of the patient be dumped underground.


    1. Vaccination of T. A. B. This vaccine produces immunity against Typhoid, paratyphoid A and paratyphoid B.
    2. Treatment with chloromycetin under the guidance of physician.

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    Typhoid is a disease mainly occurring due to bad water consuming habits. Many times people don't inquire where from the water that he is drinking is collected. This is the reason to be affected by typhoid fever. These days, people do a traveling. That is why, sometimes they forget to keep pure drinking water with them all the time. So they drink water from any source and fall prey to various bacteria, including Salmonella typhi.
    Typhoid symptoms-As it is already mentioned by the questioner that typhoid fevers have similar symptoms as that of any normal fever. I know this because two of my closest relatives had suffered typhoid fevers. They had symptoms like severe headache, severe pain in the joints of the hand, then prolonged high fever the very next day. They also suffered from a continuous fatigues along with the pain. As a result of high fever they had loss of appetite too. Some people also develop rash in the entire body. One of my friends lost a lot of hair due to typhoid fever.
    Prevention from typhoid fever
    1. Drink mineral water. Do not drink from any source that is available to you.
    2. Drink plenty of fluids including water. You can also have few glasses of fruit juices in a day, if mineral water is not available to you. But drink plenty of liquids and various kinds of them.
    3. Lastly, there are two methods to avoid typhoid. One is vaccination procedure. This is given to infants. So you can give your infant a typhoid injection, if you want them to stay away from the typhoid fever. The other one is oral doses of typhoid. This is given to adults once in every five years. This helps them stay away from typhoid fever.

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    Typhoid is a bacterial infection. It is mainly caused by the bacterium named Salmonella typhi which enters intestinal tract, multiplies in number, infects it and then enters into the bloodstream and infects it too. These bacteria enter the human body through contaminated food and water (drinks as well). These bacteria travel to the liver, spleen, gall bladder and other parts of the body through the blood stream.

    The symptoms of typhoid at the initial stage include fever, headache, abdominal pain and weakness. As it advances symptoms like vomiting, loss of appetite, diarrhea, blood in the stools etc appear. When a person is diagnosed with typhoid, it is advisable to visit and consult the doctor instead of depending on home remedies. However, there are certain preventive measures / home remedies to avoid typhoid.

    Cleanliness of the surroundings and hygiene conditions are of utmost important to check the spread of disease as
    it is a highly contagious disease. Drinking safe / clean water and eating healthy / nutritious food and sanitation are important to avoid the spread of typhoid. Unfortunately, in India this is lacking in most of the cities / towns / villages.

    Some of the home remedies include:
    1. Increase the intake of safe / clean drinking water i.e purified water. In case of unavailability of water purifier, you can drink boiled and cooled water.

    2. In addition to water, keep consuming tender coconut water, fresh fruit juices and other liquid intakes to keep yourself hydrated.

    3. If you feel dehydrated, you can take home-made ORS (oral rehydration solution).

    4. Holy Basil is an effective remedy for typhoid. Holy Basil, commonly known as Tulasi, has antibacterial and antibiotic properties. It has the power to boost the body immune system. You can directly take the extract of Tulasi leaves 2-3 times a day for 2-3 weeks. You can also add ginger extract to Tulasi extract and boil it in 1 cup of water. Keep boiling till it reduces to half. You can take this tea (with honey if you like or without honey will also do) 2-3 times a day.

    5. Buttermilk or traditional lassi is yet another effective remedy for typhoid. You can drink 2-3 glasses of buttermilk a day which is a natural coolant and keeps your body cool. If you wish you can add the pulp of one fully ripe banana to the buttermilk and consume it. This is an excellent and effective herbal treatment for typhoid.

    Disclaimer: The author of this content is neither a qualified medical practitioner nor a professional nutritionist. The above remedies are for information purpose only and may not be taken as medical advice or instruction.

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    Typhoid fever is the common disease of all human beings. This disease illness has a virus caused by salmonella typhi bacteria, consumption of food but food is not eat at right for the right time to keep the food in four hours gap to eat.
    Symptoms and causes
    It includes high fever, weakness, stomach pains, headaches, loss of appetite, diarrhea and decrease the immunity systems, decrease the stomach acid and motion loose will be 3 times a day. Avoid risky foods will help to our illness, cholera and hepatitis. This virus is a bloodstream in lives a human intestinal part. Drinking water will be steam and hot water could be used. Immunity systems decrease level can be joint pains and nausea avoid vomiting. Antibiotics medicine is the slowly cure in this fever but not complete wash out in your blood. In rising temperature of body will malaise, headache, cold and cough with high fever of stages. The main cause of typhoid fever is a siddha medicine of Kapha dhosa in water elements. The food is eating raw and heavily for uncooked food, that is contaminated and don't drink in unfiltered water.

    Prevention of Typhoid fever
    Avoid risky foods could be eat and heavily.
    Liquid foods like milk and fruit juices should be drink more
    Mosambi juices to drink everyday for weakness and lose of immunity to strength increase immunity systems
    Karakkai powder mix with curd juice and cure the digestion of food in the typhoid fever stages.
    Bed rest during the disease is very important to causes a lot of weakness
    Pomegranate juice drink once a day will increase a fresh blood cells and immunity.

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    Typhoid fever can be mainly prevented by drinking contaminated water. Never drink canned water and mineral water which is expired. Always drink boiled water. Especially if you add jeera when boiling water it is more good for health. Because typhoid virus is spread by water it self. If you drink hygienic water with clean hands then there is no fear of typhoid. In case if you get such symptoms then contact your doctor immediately and take proper medication. Typhoid fever is caused by Salmonellae typhi bacteria which is commonly found in contaminated food and water so always drink boiled water and eat cooked fresh food.

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