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    What create sound inside stomach sometimes ?

    Do you ever given a thought for the biological reaction take place within intestines in our stomach by giving a sound before we eat or after it? Check here to know from our experts as to whether any connectivity between the brain and these organs.

    Sometimes if you don't eat for long then you hear sound from stomach. That people says is indication that need to eat. But sometimes after eating a lot too sound comes from inside.
    What create that sound? Do brain instruct that kind of sound or it is involuntarily happens?
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    Occassionally, one may hear noises from bowel: small and large intestine due to normal digestion. However, if your stomach gives sounds all the time afterall when you're not starving then refer to Scanndu topic- to get a clear understanding for the reasons.
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    The sound in the stomach is due to the movement of food, fluid and air around the small and large intestine. In the process of peristalsis muscles of stomach and small intestine contract and sometimes sound is produced.
    This problem is face more in the people who eat too fast or taking while eating. Poor digestion is also a cause of this sound.
    Generally it is normal but if other symptoms are occur with this sound, we should see a physician immediately.

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    The sound of the stomach is sometimes noticeable as if there Is movement of the air and the fluids inside the large and small intestine and the occasional appearance of such sounds don't pose any health threat. The reason may be because of improper mastication of the food causing less saliva to take part in the mastication - process and also if the food is being taken hurriedly such manifestation may occur.
    In case of regular observation of this phenomena on regular basis, you may meet a gastroenterologist for the redressal of this problem. However, you may try a tip, take a small quantity of Ginger and this should be chewed fifteen minutes prior to your principal meal so that your metabolism enhances during the digestion - process.

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    Basically the sound from stomach are the combined result of muscular contraction (peristaltic movement of alimentary canal) and movement of air and fluids in the intestines (both small and big) specially during the digestion phase.

    These sounds are the normal things until unless they are accompanied by severe stomach pain, nausea, heart burn, excess gas etc in which case a medical advice may be required.

    Sometimes these sounds are also there when a person is hungry. When we are hungry, the desire to eat feeling in brain orders the intestine muscles to contract and in the process sound is generated.

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    Your stomach makes sound in one of the following scenarios.

    1. When your stomach is full and is being processed. Movement of food and digestion creates the sounds in stomach. And these sounds make you feel a bit odd and uncomfortable.

    2. When you are hungry, there is nothing left for digestion. And in such case the stomach gives out signals that make some sounds. And your mind will remind you of the hunger. If you eat or drink in between this phase, then stomach will less likely to make that sound.

    So these are known scenarios where the stomach makes sound.

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