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    How to avoid the skin friction of things while walking?

    Wants to know how to prevent friction in skin in the sensitive areas of the body while going for a long walk. Check here to know the reasons and preventive care from our experts.

    Many times if you walk for long and tired , you feel there is sweating in inside part of thigh. Worst thing is that thighs gets rubbed and causes skin irritation which makes unbearable to walk.
    Many women and men have this problem because of thighs size and long walk. For same reason doctor says that we lose hairs on that area as it is too sweaty and rubbing causes dead cells.
    Now one solution is to walk slowly and use long cotton inner garment so that skin will not possible to touch. What other ways you can avoid this thighs skin contact?
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    People with obesity have the most body friction issues in between the joints, thighs and other regions. The friction leads to irritation and other skin issues. So the only option in such case is reducing weight. People with low weight are less likely to have those friction issues. In case of friction using skincare cream and oil seems to be the only option that keeps the friction to minimum. Nivea and body lotions are designed for that purpose too. So you can make use of them. Walking slowly won't help if friction happens for almost every move that you make. In such case reducing the weight in between those parts and joints seems to be the only long term option.

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    This is a very common problem that the author has mentioned here, especially in overweight people. One of the main reason for this problem is the obesity around the thighs. Some people also complain about another frictional problem which is behind their knee joints. This happens mainly to people who do a lot of exercise or people who are sportsmen. These people jog or run for more than two hours a day and a lot sweat accumulates in their knee and arm joints. As a result of so much friction, they develop rashes or skin irritation and itching. Here are some remedies and preventive measures for this problem.

    1. First of all if you have a thigh itching problem, then you might be a little obese. So take a brisk walk for 45 minutes everyday in the morning. This will help you loose weight, especially in the thigh area.
    2. You can apply various skin cream and moisturizers that prevents itching. Neem oil and neem lotion are very useful in this regard. You can try them.
    3. Drink a lot of water. That way, the toxins in your body will be eliminated fast through perspiration.
    4. If you suffer from profuse perspiration daily, then keep big fluffy towels with you. Go to the washroom once in 2-3 hours and wipe your thigh or arm joints. Also apply a little bit of moisturizing lotion in that area. This will cool your skin irritation.

    Hope these solutions help the affected person in getting rid of this problem.

    Live life Kingsize!

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