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    What are the opportunities after completing Diploma in Agriculture?

    Check in here to know from our experts the career options for Diploma holders in Agriculture

    My brother will complete his agricultural diploma this year (after a month). I wanted to ask you some questions regarding his further career. What options he has for his further career. Please do inform me all the opportunities he can have.
    There is plenty of time he has till his diploma results will come. What can he do in this time? I want him to utilize his precious time in good work. We have our own farm at our native place but he is not that much hardworking that he will work at farm.
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    Your brother can go for higher education with agriculture diploma. Depending on his subject interest he can pursue those specialized higher learning degrees. Also there are some of the jobs that he can get into. Most of the agriculture product companies are in need of the diploma holders for the process and research area.

    As for what to do during the downtime upto results. I suggest getting into course of soft skills and the communication. Those courses help you adjust with the workplace. Also you learn how to be prepared yourself for the work. Another option is considering you have a farm, work on the project to make your farm products or farm items to be sold online. Setup website and start selling farm products online. This way you can get busy in between the period and also work on something tangible.

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    There are many good chances of placing in private food processing industries, fertilizers and seeds company, sugar factories, horticulture and agriculture nurseries.
    He can also do M. Sc. Agriculture.
    He can join any college or school to teach the students.
    You can also take help from this site

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    Diploma in agriculture is a useful programme and the vacancies for them exist in the agricultural nurseries, seed - farm, in the government undertaking such as fertilisers and also in the state government departments where they can work as Horticulturist.
    The other option lies in further perusal of studies such as B.Sc in Agriculture from a reputed Agricultural college and the degree earned in that way would open up wide oppurtunities for you in several sectors such as Research and Development, Block - development Agriculture Officer in the state after qualifying state - civil service or work in the Agricultural - farms.
    With a little effort, you can take up M.Sc ( Agriculture) from an institution of good rapport and can join Agricultural college as a Lecturer or you can join a Research - wing of the government - department where you can work as a scientist earning hefty pay - package for your contribution.

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    Qualified agricultural diploma holders have good scope in their career and there are constantly jobs open in the industry for those who have degree or diploma in agricultural sciences. Their in-depth knowledge in study of soils and machinery as well as livestock would be helpful anywhere as the climatic conditions for agriculture vary from place to place. In states like Haryana, AP and Telangana, the Diploma holders are permitted to join the second year of the 4year-B Sc (Ag) course , selection being through a common Entrance test. Thus there is scope for doing Graduation and Post graduation further and the re is a fair chance of being appointed as Block Agricultural Officer/ Mandal Agricultural officer, a Group B level post in the state cadre. These Extension officers/Agricultural Officers are responsible for overall development of agriculture in their area and provide seeds to the farmers and take care of the soil conservation and other things related to agriculture. Even the Diploma holder can get appointed as a supporting staff/Assistant for Agricultural Officer. Their role would be to see the basic issues the farmers are facing and give them the tools needed to deal with most common situations. Even in Private sector also, there are fair chances of employment in the Fertiliser industry and other Agriculture related firms. To sum up, you are doing your bit to change the economy which is also great compensation.

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