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    Regarding Transfer grant allowance on transfer

    Wants to know about the admissible transfer grant on transfer to Govt. employees. Here are some views given by our experts about this.

    I got transfer after completing my four years of tenure on 23.05.2016 and when I applied for transfer grant, the Head of office did not grant my transfer grant according to new basic pay fixed in 7th CPC. He granted on old basic pay while some other employees got according to new Basic pay. Kindly help me with proper ruling.
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    The Government of India has approved the 7th CPC recommendations and the new pay scales came into force with effect from 01.01.2016. While the various allowances such as HRA, Advance of TA/DA on transfer, Transport Allowance continue to exist at old rates as the secfretaries Committee appointed by the Government has not yet finalised their report. So, all the allowances are admitted at old rates or as per the scales provided in the 6th CPC and in the present case allowing Transfer grant equaling to your old Pay drawn plus Grade Pay would right and appropriate. The action taken by your Head of Office is as per the existing rules and norms. Your mentioning about the cases who have been given Transfer Grant at new rates and they are liable for recovery in future when the new rates are announced, in case with effect from the date of announcement and not withe retrospective effect.

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    Transfer TA is applicable in case of Central Government employees who have to proceed to new places of work under order of transfer. It must be clarified that Transfer TA is not applicable in case of transfer in own request.The following components/reimbusement are paid to such transferred employees:-
    (i) A composite transfer grant equal to basic pay of one month.
    (ii) Actual fares in the entitled class for journey y rail/road/steamer/air.
    (iii) Cost of transportation of personal effects.
    (d) Cost of transportation of conveyance.

    I have read the question. In this connection, it is clarified that Deptt. of Expenditure has not yet issue Executive Order linking Transfer Grant with the revised Basic Pay after VIIth CPC. So, you will get Transfer Grant as per your old basic pay. If you get Transfer Grant as per old basic pay, you will have to apply for the remaining amount once the transfer grant is linked with revised basic pay. So, please don't delay in submitting the claims because it would be time-barred after one year.

    If any office grants Transfer TA as per new Basic Pay to any employee, it is not doing the right thing, and will face audit objection later.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Any central government employee gets transfer from one place to another under public interest will usually get the following components.

    1. Journey fare in the entitled class (as on the date of relieving) for self, spouse and the dependents from the present service place to new place of posting.
    2. Cost of transportation of personal effects (household luggage) as per the entitlement (quantum of kilos varies as per the post held).
    3. Cost of transportation of personal conveyance (Four / Two Wheeler) as per the entitlement.
    4. Composite Transfer Grant equivalent to one month's Basic Pay.

    Now you have posted your doubt related to the fourth point mentioned above. In this connection as per your explanation, whatever your office has done is 100% right as per the prevailing rules as on date. In this regard you can refer to the Para (Sl.) No.7 of the Resolution issued by the Department of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance, New Delhi dated 25th July 2016 in which it is clearly stated that till a final decision is taken based on the recommendations of 7th CPC, all allowances will continue to be paid at existing rates in existing pay structure i.e. 6th CPC.

    As per the said clause though your pay has been revised as per 7th CPC, composite transfer grant would be given as per the Pay in the Pay Band plus Grade Pay equivalent to one month as per 6th CPC only. Whatever news that payments as per new basic pay for transfer grant may be wrong and if at all paid also that has to be recovered immediately.

    For revision of allowances portion, one high level committee under the chairmanship of Finance Secretary had been setup by the Government of India on July 22, 2016 and the report of the committee is not yet come up.

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