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    How to reduce your height in 6 months

    Are you unhappy about how tall you are? Can you really reduce height? Find out what our experts have to say.

    My height is 5'8 nd half i want to reduce it by 1 or 2 inches i want it to be reduced at any cost please help me out for this tell me medicine or exercise or anyways to reduce it .Any how i want it to be reduced pls help me out and also some nutrition or exerrcise about inhitibing the growth kindly hlp me i will be thankful
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  • Reversing height and age is almost very difficult unless it happens naturally. If you try to reverse it might produce jeopardy effects.

    The height loos is estimated at about .4 inches after 10 years. When you age averages 10 to 45, you will gradually notice your height reduction. And that's when you lose calcium in your bones, lack vitamin and iron in your body and your tissues becomes weak.

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  • See, height increases since birth and at the age of around 25, this growth stops. This phase is known as log phase. After that age and until the age of 40-41 the phase is called lag phase where no growth is seen in the height. After that the reverse phase starts. That means you start shrinking in height. But don't be happy while reading this.
    The decrease takes at 10-15 years in happening and that too happens for around half an inch. That is why you will see many old people who were very tall at young age getting slight bent or stooped figure. This is a continuous process and doesn't happen suddenly.
    In fact, if there is a sudden decrease in your height, then it is really a matter of concern. Few fatal diseases like cancer or HIV aids results in shrinking of height drastically. Lastly, I would like to say that height is a boon to people. Lot of people can't achieve various jobs like that in the army or airlines, due to their short height. They pray for that boon. You already have it. So don't waste time in mourning about it. Enjoy life and enjoy being who you are.

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  • In fact, there is no way - either by medication or exercise to reverse the height which you already attained at the age of 25 years. It remains the same constantly even your age advances to 45 years and then some transformation will take place within the body - system though not abruptly but in a slow manner where in there will be disintegration / depletion of useful minerals such as Calcium, Magnesim, Phosphorus etc allowing the body to shrink by one to four inches depending upon person to person.
    Reduction of the height may be fast if one falls prey to dreaded diseases such as Cancer, TB, HIV etc and in such cases, the doctors would do their best to eliminate the prime cause of the disease.
    In your case, the height attained by you should be treated as boon since you are entitled to join Army, Air - force or even you may think of joining pilot in the Air - lines. Keep your body fit with some healthy - exercises followed by intake of essential nutrients.

  • I am still curious why you wanted to reduce height. Did you mean increase or reduce? Going back to your question to reduce it all depends on what is your current age. Like our body is combination of parents genes. Height is one of its factor , you can not reduce it. Few things might help by trying to reverse clock of ageing. Most of fat people you must be seen are short height. If you can not compromise with bulkiness then naturally there is no way to reduce height.

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  • You can't reduced the height. Like time it can't be reversed. You can however slow down the height gain process. For example gaining weight can reduce your height gain process. So if you are gaining height rapidly then gaining weight at the same time can reduce the process. So make sure you follow healthy diet. And also you focus on healthy sleep patterns. Try to change metabolism rate such that it helps you gain the weight.

  • It is ironic that when people want to be seen as tall, you want to reduce your height.
    But reality is that you cannot reduce you height. On getting older slight hunch and bend comes and people tend to appear shorter.

    If your problem is to match the height of your partner, or to appear as a bit shorter, then there are some suggestions which you may adopt. These will not make you shorter in height, but will make you appear shorter.
    1. Wear dress with dark colour, and horizontal stripes.
    2. If you are not overweight, try to put on a little more weight by taking more starchy food items and eating more. But a caution here, don't over do that. You may take advise of your doctor in this regard.
    3. Wear only flat heeled footwear with very thin heels and base. But let the base material be strong to prevent tear by sharp objects and comfortable to feet.
    4. Keep your hairdo as flat and sticking to the scalp.
    5 While walking, avoid raising head and neck much, but keep a comfortable little bend or dip your head and face as if you are looking at your feet and road immediately in front of you.
    6. Wear thick clothes and use thick inner dresses also that enhances your girth and body.
    7.If walking with a partner who is less tall, keep a little distance so that others cannot easily notice the height difference. Let your partner do just the opposite of what is suggested to you form making partner look taller.( Vertical stripes. Light colour dress, thin dresses, high heeled footwear, raised hairdo etc)

  • As already mentioned by other Members, height of a person generally increases till he/she reaches 25. Thereafter growth stops, and after 40 the height starts decreasing. So, there is no way to reduce the height.

    Your height is excellent for an Indian woman. In many industry and services, you would have added advantage because of your height. My sincere advice is not to try to reduce your height unscientifically for the prospect of marriage (I assume that you want to reduce your height to have so-called 'compatibility' with your partner, which is a wrong notion).

    Enjoy the gift of the Almighty God. Tell your would-be partner to accept as you are. Try to use your height to your advantage (in good sense). And avoid high-heel footwears.

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