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    I had Lord Ganesha in my dreams I would like to know what does it mean?

    Have you recently lost your loved one? Are you having weird dreams about your deceased near and dear ones? Find out from experts why you are having those dreams.

    I am Muslim girl from Iran. I live in Canada. I am 42 years old and I lost my husband 1 year ago and I have so much pain and I can't accept he is gone but I go to cemetery every day and visit him and want him to come back. Last time I was begging him to come to my dream and help me to throw my pain and I had a dream about him last night. He was so busy working and I wanted to spend time with him but he said go have fun dance with your friend he was insisting to dance with your friend I was dancing with a girl but my eyes were on him , he came toward me and hold my hand i was so happy to dance with him but I saw him with out shirt and all his chest tattooed and the tattoo was lord Ganesha I just screamed and woke up.

    What does it mean ? I never knew about lord Ganesha maybe I saw pic but never pay attention why he had lord Ganesha pic on his chest ? Please answer me I need to know what is it about?
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    I think it's odd to see the gods from another religion coming into your dream. But for some reason it seems your subconscious mind registered the image of this god in your mind. it could be from any stage in your life where you learned about this god. And now during your mental condition of you missing someone, subconscious mind is drawing imagery what is hidden in it. This sort of things happen when someone is desperately in getting back to meet the loved one. And in such case when we don't talk about those feelings. Our subconscious mind reminds us through various set of imagery. That's how your mind currently has the association with god from another religion and the person you want at the same time. This happens to almost everyone who have lost control over their dreams and subconscious mind is just showing the past data based on its own interpretation of your feelings.

    For example, if I tell you there is white elephant which you may see in dream. Then if you to picture that animal then at some point subconscious mind will use that imagery to remind you of some feeling or anxiety or strong emotion. So this dream definitely looks like play of subconscious mind.

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    Respected Madam,

    If you visit a dream analyst and ask him/her to analyse this particular dream, he/she would say that your sub-conscious mind is directing you to worship Lord Ganesha for happiness. In this connection, it is clarified that Hindus believe that Lord Ganesha gives peace, happiness, prosperity and tranquility ('riddhi' and 'siddhi').

    On the other hand, religious scholars of your own religion would forbid you to worship any other God (except your own).

    The final decision is yours. You have to chose your own way.

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    Most people believes seeing some god in dream is God- realization or sakshatkar. Irrespective of faith you follow , you follow him and his spiritual path. Going back to your situation, nothing wrong to worship all faith. See how is your life right now and see how your life become after worshipping Lord Ganesha. Notice changes and peace of mind you get after doing that. Again stop worshipping and see if things are same. It is one way to make sure what you dream is really what God wanted.
    Another way is to see psychiatrist for peace of mind and controlling emotions. Most important is you have to move on in life and try to forget what had happened but don't forget remembering it sometimes. Concentrate on your career aspirations and plans you planned with husband and try to achieve it. Since you are in very much developed country residence there is large scope of exploring alternatives of living life. More you are busy more you become ambitious and get going. All the best.

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    I hope you realize how versatile you are. You have seen a lot. You have been through a lot. Maybe what you saw in your dream wasn't actually Lord Ganesha but a similar being. There is Behemoth in Bible which is similar to Ganesha in looks, although Behemoth is considered evil but Ganesha is a fun-loving God who removes obstacles from one's life. That should be the case if you have never been to India or heard about this God earlier. But if you did have any Indian connections or roots in the past, maybe it's not so weird that Ganesha appeared in your dream.
    But this much I can interpret from your dreams. It is evident that the loss of your husband has left you with deep scars. In your dream, you wanted to spend time with him, but he insisted you to go dance with your friend. Which, according to me, conveys that your subconscious mind is aware of the fact that you should move on. Because you deserve better things in the world. But he does return to you and asks you for a dance. Now that signifies that you still are in madly in love with him. So it shows an internal conflict between moving on and not moving on. And that tattoo shows your husband was quite a strong man physically and mentally. Moreover being a Ganesha tattoo, I speculate he was quite creative too. But Ganesha- obstacle remover did appear in your dream. So you trust you can move on now.

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    Mind does not accept the boundaries as set by our societies and so it has happened with you when you saw your husband with the impression of tattoos of Lord Ganesha on his chest. You see being a follower of different religion - not having connection with Hindu - religion, you dreamt of Lord Ganesha. However, it reflects that your subconscious mind has much admiration and respect for the said Lord. As far I see you are on the look out of constant happiness which you lack currently because of sad demise of your husband. You seem to be a peace loving woman and dreaming of Lord Ganesha reminds me of your deep attachment with the said Lord. Your dream interprets a different part as well where in you wanted to have his association but he directs you to have dances with your known friends. It suggests that you should involve yourself with some positive activities and derive worldly satisfaction - forgetting all the scars on the sad demise of your beloved.

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    Lord Ganesha is Lord of happiness,its time for you to forget your misery and live the life happily.He had come into your dream to remind you life is a battle .Happiness and Sorrow are two situations which come in every one 's life.
    He is the God of intelligence,face the situation intelligently.

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    Dreams are reflections of our deep rooted feelings, thoughts, memories & informations which are retrieved in altered and broken forms and confuse us. Due to curiosity we want interpretation of our dreams. In fact it is a practically impossible task to interpret such complex and complicated chain of memories and pictures in a dream sequence still psychologists have tried to link these things to unfulfilled desires, guilt and other such attributes.

    You must have read or seen the pictures of Lord Ganesha and your brain must have registered some information about the mighty Indian God and the day you dreamed your husband you might have visualized him in a God form. There is nothing unusual in this. The sub conscious mind is corroborating the scattered things with each other and in doing so you are seeing a set of things surprising you.

    One interpretation is that you are not very rigid in religious matters and open to all other religions and their Gods and in this dream sequence you have seen one out of them. It simplifies the matter. There could be many more interpretations depending upon individual analytical skills.

    Knowledge is power.

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    You see, dreams are the extension of our waking state. Whatever is left incomplete during the day, will appear in the dream during sleep. It's the mechanism of the mind to bring back the order.

    You lost your husband and you are missing him a lot, and therefore saw him in your dream (that's perfectly normal). He told you to go & dance with your friends. That means you have been suppressing yourself too much and need to relax.

    Lord Ganesha is a sign & suggestion of peace & happiness. It only suggests that you have this notion that your husband is with God & is safe & happy.

    You just need to relax, give yourself some time.

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    Your memories is all about your husband and your heart is filled with his memories . Memories are not easily forgotten. Dream is often come from our past, our memories . As you said you cannot accept the truth is the main reason for this dream which recollect the past memories.
    Whatever may be dream but your husband said you that to dance and be happy. Yes, he want to keep you happy always. Moreover, past is passed. In your dream he is hold your hand and he is always with you. We make religion and still confused God who have no religion. Ganesha who is the supreme god in Hinduism who will all the good things in your life.

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