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    Earning money from internet at home

    Want to know the various ways of working from home and earning money? Find out from the experts.

    There are many people like homemakers and retired people who want to earn money from home .When they see advertisements online about making money from home they are lured and sometimes fall into the traps of unscrupulous people who loot their money .What are the ways in Which one can earn money through internet ?
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    Be a member of ISC and subscribe good articles, ask good questions, answer questions, discuss in the forums, participate in contests, group discussion, earn bonus. Nothing can be best or better than being a member of India Study Channel as a home maker or retired after many years work. Apart from money, it gives us satisfaction. The earning may not be that great to appreciate, but enough for our satisfaction by working from home with a desktop or laptop or a smartphone.
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    There are very few genuine direct earning through internet.
    1. Start writing your life experience in short biography into blogs , websites like indiastudychannel etc, After certain period and postings register yourself for Google AdSense, Infolinks like revenue sharing sites. They will pay you once someone visit your page.
    2. Data entry jobs are also available online but companies ask people to visit offices to collect data sheets. Jobs for this can be searched on news paper and you can work from home too.
    3. You Tube Video postings gives earning too. All you need to do is post good videos which can get visits. Could be educational , sensational etc. After good visits try getting Google AdSense approval. Once you have approval you started earning.
    4. In Indiastudychannel also post new articles and write in various sections ,you will earn cash credits.

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    Excluding there are many fake oppurtunities as well as genuine one's. Nevertheless, your hardwork, active contribution, time and accuracy matter a lot when you opt to earn money working from home on the internet.

    Don't fall for get-rich-quick scheme sites that makes fake promises. However, there are most genuine sites that offers revenue shares for a very long time. The sites that I have been working and earning are tabulated below.

    If you're expert in reviewing Inbound and Outbound calls and have had a little experiences then go and work for humanatic's. Workers get paid $0.50 to $10 for every successfull calls reviewed by you. Along with this, you need to maintain 75% accuracy rate and must have a verified PayPal account.

    Start your blogging career with zero investment. If you're gifted with writing talent, set up a blog for free from Blogger or Wordpress in your niche. One can apply for Adsense, Affiliate marketing when you have more quality contents.

    If your blog or website offers something more unique than what other's offers, you can sell an Ad Space charging at the level of impression, cost per mile and direct clicks.

    Sell Unsed Stuff
    Sell unused stuff on Olx, and Quikkr. This will fetch and gives addition monies and income. This is just an alternative methods to make money online.

    People are always intrigued to get a publicity and are too busy to get their alternative job done by freelancers. Microworkers offers members to get paid when you complete certain task. Most task includes: Subscribing to Youtube channel, Signups, Facebook page likes and etc...

    Bitcoin Mining
    One Bitcoin is worth above $800. With computer and internet you can mine bitcoins online and trade them online. Join Mining pool or mine it all alone. When you started mining and transactions are verified and completed you get paid to your bitcoin wallet. Make sure you have a wallet to store bitcoins.

    Paid Survey
    Something's better than nothing. One may earn 10 to 50 Rupees by partaking and answering survey's answers. It's hard to qualify if you're dishonest. But gradually you get paid when you actively participate.

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    There are various ways to earn from the internet. Some of the ways are as follows -

    1. Survey : They can pay anywhere from 20 Rs to 50Rs. Sites like saybucks can be joined for such surveys.

    2. Article Writing : There are many sites where you can register and write content. They pay anywhere from 35 Rs to 400 Rs per article. Depends on the quality, word count etc.

    3. Podcast : This can be one good way to generate traffic and make money. Many advertisers pay some specific amount for ads in podcast.

    4. Blogging : If you like writing and can write good content then blogging can be one good option. Here you can use the adsense or other ad networks to make money from the content.

    5. YouTube : Here you have to create content which goes viral. And that way you can make money through adsense. Make sure your content has chance of going viral otherwise earning can be hard on youtube.

    6. Freelancing : If you are good at designing and coding, you can make some decent money. You can get paid based on hour or the per project basis. This can be a good way to make money.

    These are some of the common ways to make money through internet.

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    There are numerous plateforms which can be utilised for money earning after retirement such as by joining the paid - surveys, by being active participants in the data - entry jobs, or even better join the share - market and keep your self bussy for some fixed hours daily.
    Here, I would like to remind readers that all the plateforms as mentioned above are not the genuine ones' and in some cases, even by putting best efforts, earning through the data - entry may not fetch money substantially or payments are delayed inordinately. Paid - surveys are time consuming and the remuneration so paid is not likely to amuse one.
    Lastly, coming to the term of it appears that any contribution offered by readers in Article - section, Expert - section, posting advertisement of different Institutions attract handsome prizes by way of cash. You can be a member of Google - ad- scene and presence of lot of traffic in your site would offer you substantial earnings. Here earning is not the important consideration but the way how you interact with the existing members is the satisfying one. Life really becomes enjoyable after going through the different contributions of the esteemed members.

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    Data Entry is also known by it's another name called Captcha Typing job. They may be genuine but these kind of job fetches few cents a day. On the top of that, this jobs are considered illegal even in United States. So, in India, if one is caught helping spammers, chances are high that you'll be sentenced for imprisonement according to IT Act 3.
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