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    What type of niches should I choose for my website?

    Launching a website of your own? Learn the nits and grits of launching a unique website of any salable product.

    I am planning to create a website but I don't know what type of niche I should choose for my website. My website will be about automobiles. Also, I want to make my website unique from other websites in internet which focus in automobiles. So, I want to have a unique niche for my website.
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    A niche is a category of one's interest. Automobile is also a niche. One can blog about about its engines, wheels, scoops, parts etc... Everybody loves to make a website unique. It's only possible if you offer something different and quality than what other does.

    Choose Automobile or wheels on fire niche.

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    Always go for niche that has competition and buying customers. This way you'd always be landing on some revenue. If you try to have a niche which has low competition and low people. Then making revenue out of it is harder. You have to find the balance of revenue, demand and your capacity to write it. For example medical blog can make money and be in demand but you can't write it on daily basis makes it futile attempt. So it is always a good idea to find that balance.

    Another thing to note is that you have to find the niche which are easy to promote. Make sure you choose niche which can be promoted on the social media. Lot of niche are harder to promote due to the product nature or service nature. For example, guns or tobacco. Those are harder to monetize niche. And also it is not suitable for having such websites if you are finding it harder to write on those topics. Because eventually lack of content on such sites will close it down.

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    I am suggesting the following niches for you:

    1. Automobile spares

    2. Latest car reviews

    3. Vehicle auto-safety features and mechanisms

    4. SUV price and feature comparison

    5. Driving tips

    6. Vintage vehicles

    7. Vehicle maintenance

    8. Car loans

    9. Budget cars

    10. Luxury vehicles

    Some Unique Niches as demanded by you:

    1. Vehicles used by celebrities: Who uses what?

    2. Vehicles for rough terrain

    3. Vehicles for middle class

    4. Best cities for automobile companies

    5. Daily Detroit Diary

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    I am suggesting following niche for the promotion of your website-
    1) Concession in purchase of Automobile - spares.
    2) A friendly automobile shop which would ensure safety while driving.
    3) Vechile maintenance undertaken with utmost care.
    4) Never forget the tips provided from our end.
    5) A best place for redressal of your Automobile issues.
    6) We are with you so long as you need you.
    7) Approach me through my email to serve you the best.
    8) Vechiles meant for you specially.

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    Choosing a niche for a blog requires a little thought process. From your words, I can figure out that you are interested in automobile niche. It seems like you are familiar with automobile topic and it is good that you have figured it out very early. Most people want to blog but they don't usually know what niche they should start.

    Your next step to stand out in this industry should be following all popular blogs in this niche. Start with your blog and also simultaneously monitor these popular blogs in your niche. Figure out that what new you can offer to your readers. Promote this new information as much as you can. Nothing can stop you from being successful in your niche then.

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