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    HoneyComb Pad V/s Wood Wool in air coolers - which is better?

    Confused about whether to buy an air cooler with HoneyComb Pad or one with Wood Wool? Check out the pros & cons of both in the expert responses below.

    In the hot summer days have arrived it's time to chill out with the use of an AC or a Cooler. Since many people do not use an AC, they prefer buying coolers. Also, buying an AC is more costly than a cooler which can be afforded by every ordinary man. But one thing arises as a confusion while buying new coolers these days is that the coolers today are in two types - one having a Wood Wool which was there since olden days and now with a new material called Honeycomb Pad. Both these materials have the same purpose in a cooler but as to which one should one prefer to buy and why? Mention their pros and cons, if any. It will help in clarifying doubts & easier to make a right choice.
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    As you mentioned air coolers are better option than A/C. as per your query the honey comb and wood wool air coolers differ in the patterns used in the cooling pads it has a great effect on the water absorption and evaporation process. The difference in both patterns is the capacity of absorbing water and facilitating the passage of air through it. But as per the price is concerned the wood wool coolers are costly and the power consumption is more and the capacity of water tank is more. But in honey comb cooler the water tank capacity is less and even the power consumption is less. It costs less than wood wool coolers.

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    The cooling pads in the air coolers absorb the water. When the hot air passes through these pads, the heat is absorbed by the cool pads and the pads transfer / circulate / blow out cool air with the help of the blowers / fans. In terms of cost, air coolers with wood wool cooling pads are economical than the air coolers with the honeycomb cooling pads.

    The wood wool cooling pads are made of wood shavings and synthetic fibre and these look like grass. These are cheaper compared to the honeycomb cooling pads that are made of cellulose material. Looking at the other aspects like maintenance, durability and efficiency:

    1. The air coolers with honeycomb cooling pads are preferred as these need less maintenance and are highly efficient with higher durability. Honeycomb cooling pads are very expensive, so these are used in high end desert coolers.

    2. While the air coolers with wood wool cooling pads need higher maintenance compared to the air coolers with honeycomb cooling pads and the efficiency of these air coolers is lesser and these are less durable. You need to frequently replace / change the wood wool cooling pads. And these are less effective compared to the air coolers with honeycomb cooling pads.

    So, basing on these, it's the buyers' choice. If affordable and if the buyer looks for an efficient and durable air cooler, he / she can go for the honeycomb air coolers (but these are not used in low end personal coolers). If the buyer wants to go for an economical one, he / she can go for wood wool air cooler though it is less efficient / effective compare to the honeycomb cooling pad, but still it gives reasonably good cooling effect in the hot summer days.

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    If you want to perfect answer then I want tell you that its depend on weather, If its a hot summer then its better for you to use wood wool and if weather is sometimes cloudy then you have to use honeycomb pad. for more details you can refer fallowing site :

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