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    Is management a good career option despite interest in Fine Arts?

    Unsure whether to opt for a degree program in Fine Arts or for a management course? Know the job scope and career opportunities for graduates in Fine Arts as opposed to pursuing a management course.

    I am an undergraduate passing out from school this year from commerce stream. I want to pursue a course in fine arts, namely BFA. I have immense interest in photography, art & craft, creative writing, journalism etc, but I'm very sceptical about the course's value and future. Most people have advised me to go for management entrances. So can I do graduation from management (BBA/BFIA/BBE) and then post graduation in fine arts (MFA etc.)?

    Also, will obtaining a fine arts degree be sufficient to get a job in the field or do I need a management degree as well? Please Advise. Thank You!
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  • Since you have Commerce background , it is advisable to continue same stream for graduation. Mainstream B. COM. and M. COM. there are already lot of people done it. If you choosing option of BFA then do MFA as well. Mostly media companies recruit 1 year work experience people with BFA or MFA. So it will be good to choose very popular college for BFA. It will assure your job opportunity and you can continue your interest as well. Later on you can always opt for Main stream education or CA education in parallel if nothing works. Soon you get job and good experience then do MBA so that your growth will be rapid in job. All the best.

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  • When it comes to money and interest, please don't choose interest. Because the way things are going on this day and age, money matters a lot. Keep any job as backup for your well being. And try to have the money over interest. It's not easy to lose track of the finance part. Interest can be done at any age but money is harder to earn as we age. So keep the interest on side for say weekends. And focus on the money part. I know there are people who are going to be disagreeing with me. But our countries financial climate is changed.

    Our debt components are low interest and things are expensive be it home or food. So ignoring management job over fine arts may not be a good move 10 years from now on. Sure success may come either way but success that has money is lot different. Fine arts may not have much value at that time.

    You should keep the fine arts as a side hustle or the topic for yourself to focus on in upcoming years. That way you are not giving up on your interests either.

  • To have an education is one part and interest in perusal of course is an another part. There are many languages being taught in post - graduation such as Urdu, Bengali, Sanskrit etc but see the fate of the aspirants, they hardly get a decent job barring a few whose performance were outstanding in the subjects they opted for.
    My aim is not to discourage you in the field of Fine- arts such as BFA or MFA but the ultimate scope by acquiring such qualifications have to be explored. You may join a multimedia company by having acquired BFA or MFA but considering the volume of the youths trying for success in the Fine - arts, Creative - writing, Photography etc seem to be a Herculean task for the average youths.
    Now analyse the benifits which you may likely to reap in case of persuasion of commerce - stream. After B.Com, you can appear for the Banking - Examination of the Banks can opt for Civil services or even you can go in CA. Management - degree in Finance can be persued after having acquired B.Com degree and in that way you will end up in getting a lucrative job.
    If interested in the teaching line, go in for M.Com and aim for First class in the final examination. Clear up the NEET for the entry of Lecturership. So, there are multiple options in commerce.

  • A background in commerce is excellent if you are planning to opt for Management course, MBA, MCA and M.COM. Intriguing to pursue Management degree is an advanced degree which is an mind-blowingly-brilliant idea a student should opt in for.

    Pursuing the management program is a good idea because you gain specialized skills that will certainly enable you to get more qualified in your workplace. There are also numbers of subjects available in these area which will focus you to obtain the management degree.

    The master in arts with management is a program divided into two modules. They focus on economy and culture. It's also includes event planning and management. This program are taught all around the globe allowing students to experience the subjects.

    The benefits are that you gain specialized skills which will enhance student's professional background. The management course can sharpen you artistic background and are valued and considered professionals.

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  • Management and fine art certainly both seem quite good in my view but it all depends on ones interest. Follow your heart that's all I can say

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