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    How to get a job in the banking sector abroad

    Eager to have a career in the banking sector abroad? Get expert advice on which would be the ideal course to pursue for this goal & what all you would need to do to land a job in the banking sector in a foreign country.

    I have completed my graduation in 2016 in B.A. (Economics, English, Political Science.) Now I am pursuing M.A. Economics from IGNOU. I want to make my career in the banking sector and wish to take up a job outside India. What should I do? Which course should I do? How do I get a job abroad in my field of interest? Please guide.
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  • Each banking sector in abroad countries have their own requirement for hiring. For example, if bank wants to hire accountant, then they have CPA and other relevant exams. It also helps if you do the work on the accounts with localized rules. So those rules will be different from the one you learned in your own country. And for that it helps to give exams for those concepts. In such case you'd be able to pass the respective local exams. Also do note that it helps if you do some overseas exams in order to get specific jobs. Find out the requirement of those jobs and see how you can be eligible for the same. My suggestion here is to consult with the immigration and education consultancy. They can guide you on what type of requirement you have to do in order to get the job in banking sector.

  • It is way to difficult to get foreign country banking jobs. Because of numerous reasons like security, Authenticity , experience. It will be nice to know your ambition of having job abroad? Do you want to settle there or just for experience of few years? Only certain type of VISA permits foreign work e.g. USA has H1,L1 etc. It would be better if you join some bank in India who has foreign sites like State Bank of India. Some bank offers foreign trips also to attend events organized.
    Other way is to check of which country you wanted to get job i.e. US,UK,Canada etc. Then look for foreign courses they offer as graduation or post graduation. Check for eligibility and apply. If you get successful to go as student then you half way. Make contacts to different banking sector people and check for jobs at end of course semester. It will be not easy but it is not impossible. All the best.

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  • Your aspiration is too high particularly in the present market scenarios when procurement of Visa in connection with the job - search has been rather difficult. So under this circumstances try for a Banking job in a Nationlised bank such as SBI. In case, you crack the written test of Probationary - officers Examination having a high rank, the Bank - authorities would be pleased to recruit you for the SBI located in other countries such as USA, UK, France, Jermany etc. In that way, your aspiration can be met.
    Alternatively, you may look out the Foreign courses of graduation of such countries countries where you would like to render your Banking - services, such as USA, UK etc. In that case, you have to clear GMAT or similar examination and obtaining a passport for education would be somewhat easier. You may check up the status of the jobs in foreign countries from your known circle living in that region in order to have a clarity of the job- position.

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