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    What are the benefits and side effects of black tea on health ?

    Are you confused between these two flavors of tea black and green? Would you like to know whether black tea has any benefits? Find out here.

    Recently started drinking Black tea. While it tastes like regular tea ( not Indian classic) as it mixes with only hot water. The difference that I observed between green and black was , Black tea taste remained on tongue longer and later after drink it gives little pleasant feeling. While green tea more beneficial as always , wanted to hear what are benefits and cons of drinking black tea.
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  • Actually black tea was introduced by china and later it was brought to different parts of country. Each and every item we consume have side effects and good effects every thing must be consumed in control.
    Advantages of consuming black tea is that reduces cholesterol by 7.5%. and due to that there is less risk of coronary heart disease. It gives control from blood sugar and also detoxifies our body. It reduces Ovarian Cancer, kidney problems and Parkinson Disease. Even it reduces mental strain.
    But the disadvantages of consuming black tea Drinking black tea will reduce iron absorption in your intestines, which is causes anemia. Iron is required for hemoglobin, which carries oxygen to our blood. Scientifically it is mentioned that one cup of black tea will decrease your body's absorption of iron by up to 70 percent. Black tea will have estrogen-like effects in your body, which has negative implications for hormone-dependent tumors of the breasts or prostate gland. Consuming regularly black tea may give stomach upsets and acidity problem. If you drink too much black tea on regular basis it will discolor your teeth and may make you self-conscious about smiling and even kidney stones may be formatted.

  • Drinking of black tea has both effect there are some benefits and some disadvantage of taking black tea. I am explaining them in detail.
    Benefits of black tea
    Benefits of black tea are:

    • It is good of oral cavity. Black tea is good for teeth and oral cavity. It reduces plaque and tooth decay.
    • It reduces risk of heart attack and heart stroke.
    • Black tea contain many antioxidants which are necessary for the metabolic process and they protect us from many diseases.
    • Reduces risk of cancer.
    • Reduce the risk of arthritis and make our bones stronger.
    • Also reduce risk of diabetes.
    • It provides stress relief within some minutes of taking it.
    • Increases immunity in our body.

    Disadvantage of black tea

    1. It contains caffeine. Excess amount of caffeine very harmful for our body.
    2. It increases blood pressure which is called silent killer.
    3. Can also cause digestive problems.
    4. Caffeine is diuretic in nature hence triggers frequent urination.
    5. Can reduce the absorption of iron and can cause anemia.
    6. Sometime it may cause diarrhea.
    7. Increase the risk of tumor in breast or in prostate gland.
    8. increases risk of kidney stone.
    9. May also cause acidity.

    So there are some benefits and some disadvantages of black tea. So try to use decaffeinated black tea. Also use some milk to reduce the risk of acidity.

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    Black tea is good for our health because black tea is high in vitamin C, thiamine, riboflavin. Black tea is made from the leaves of the Camellia Sinesis or Tree Plant. The leaves are rolled and dried. Black tea has about 50-60mg caffeine, if we compared with caffeine of coffee its too low caffeine of black tea. caffiene of coffee is around 95-115 mg.

    Black tea is also high in antioxident so there is not any side effects just drink it up.

    It is good for our teeth and bone health. Black tea not only helps to fight bacteria but also strengthens the immune system.

    It reduces risk of developing kidney stones, manages diabities and normal blood pressure.

    To reduce dark circle , just store black tea bags in the fridge and apply it to the eye area.

  • Some people like the direct taste of tea brewed properly with boiling water. They would not add even milk and sugar. That is personal choice. Most people drink black tea with some sweeteners like sugar or honey.
    However there are other advantages drinking black tea.

    Black tea is good to give relief during loose motion.
    Black tea is suitable for those who have Lactose intolerance.
    Black tea is good for those wo want to keep awake in night.
    Black tea helps workers in night shifts and night time drivers to keep awake and feel energetic.
    Anything in excess is not good. That way even black tea is not good when taken in excess. Drinking more black tea extracts and depletes the B vitamin and the person suffers from anemia etc. from B vitamin deficiency and later on feels fatigued and feels lack of appetite also.
    In the absence of proper food habits and suppressing hunger by drinking tea,affects health and affects intake gradually. Excess tea drinking causes stomach disturbances like acidity.

  • Hi, we know that green tea is getting popular for its medicinal properties. Both green tea and black tea come from the tea plant called Camellia sinensis.

    The difference of geen tea and black tea comes from the processing method of the tea leaves. You can get green tea just after the leaves are picked, steamed and dried immediately, where in case of black tea it under goes some natural enzyme action which changes the leaves to black.

    Important difference in green and black tea is caffeine content, a cup of black tea contains 10-50mg of caffeine but 1 cup of green tea contains 30-50mg of caffeine.

    You have asked about black tea so we move on that, the recommended intake of black tea per day is three cups. If you see the advantages, reduce athma problem, presence of tannins in black tea reduce diarrhea, research conducted by American Heart Association in New Orleans black tea reduce the risk for heart problems. Regular intake of black tea reduce cancerous growth in the breasts.

    If you consume more than the recommended quantity, the excess caffeine cause mild headache, stress, sleeplessness, nausea, irritation, irregular heart rhythm etc.


  • Let it green tea or black tea, prepare with less leaves and put put some lemon juice in it. This tea is beneficial for sugar patient, patients suffering from gas trouble, overweight/ obesity. Green tea is the best fat burner. It
    also reduce risk of diabetes. It improves metabolic process which leads to wt. loss.

    The greatest wealth in this world is mental peace and good health.

  • Tea (black, dark, white, green or black) is sourced from the same variety of plant. However, it is the processing, ingredients added, and preparation that makes the difference. If the leaves are made to dry for a longer time and fermented, it will result in Black Tea and if they are made to dry, it is called Green Tea. There are different added elements like ginger, tulsi, and chamomile to bring in different flavors to it. Green Tea contains more antioxidants when compared to black tea. But after a long day of hard work, black tea would be more refreshing due to the caffeine (remember caffeine taken in limited quantities has a soothing effect and it is not advisable in large quantities). Tea is one of the best refreshing drinks that can be taken at any time of the day. Have Green tea in the morning to liven up your day with energy and boost your immunity. Have a cup of Black tea when you working hard in office to keep you active and stress-free. Consider Chamomile tea after you finish your work to relax and repair your body. Try Ginger or Tulsi tea when you have the flu (common cold) for relief. Avoid adding milk and sugar when you take it, keep it light, to cut calories and lose weight.

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