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    How to resign from government job?

    Are you looking to change your job? Do you want to resign from your government job? Know from experts here the complete procedure on how to resign from Indian government jobs.

    I am preparing for bank exams. I don't like to depend on someone (Financially). I would like to do any job that manages atleast for my pocket money. For this, I applied for Govt. Job (Postal dok seva) which is 10th based. I will get this job surely I know it. If at all I get any bank job in future then I need to quit this job. What is the process for this?
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  • It is good that you don't want to depend on anybody. but as per your query if you have completed the degree then its fine or else complete your graduation which is not mentioned in your query. First you get a job which you have applied then do some service there, because getting a bank job is not a easy task. For that you have refer many banking job books and you should get well prepared in it. that is why first you go for the job which you have applied then get prepared for banking exams after you get an appointment from the bank then think of leaving the present job.

  • It is nice to hear that you will get job. Postal service is a department of central government. Don't hesitate and join the service. It is not difficult to resign from any service. You senior will also guide you in the department how to resign. For more query how to resign from central government job please visit .

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  • I think you are thinking in backup plan way. And that's not a good thinking process. You should first get the job. Work on it. Get experience of a year or two. And then think about resigning. Why? because the thinking where you assume you will have to go through X and Y things in future is assumption. And assumptions are bad. It's not good for your career. However for every government department there is a process, You can find out how to write that application and whom to report for the resignation. I guess the experience of the working in postal dok definitely helps with the banking too. It's good that you want to do job and manage the pocket money. I am sure you can definitely do the work that way.

  • You are raising a question based on a hypothetical situation. Before clarifying your doubt, I want to mention few things here. From the brief, it is clear that you want to gain money for your expenditure and don't want to depend on your parents or someone. It is fine. But joining a lower post which is not interested and preferring to get rid of it as and when you get a better position of your choice. Not a bad idea but may not work well unless you put your efforts sincerely in addition to attending the present job. Once you join a job, you won't be left easily without work and you have to take the load and may not be in a position to focus on it. If there is no need for you to join a small post, better you work hard to get a good job by attempting the relevant examination or interview.

    Coming to the doubt raised by you here, when you join any Government Department , you have to apply for other examinations/interviews through proper channel only, in strict sense. Otherwise, an intimation top the department prior to applying the examination is to be made to avoid delay in transmission of the application through the departmental channels. This helps you to apply for 'No Objection certificate' from the present department while leaving it on resignation, in case of selection to a new post. In some cases, it would be treated as 'Technical resignation' and the service rendered in the previous department would count for pension and other benefits in the new department. Generally, one month notice is to be given to the department if you wish to resign and join a new post. This is applicable for all cases including joining a job in Banking sector


  • I shall answer your doubt in general terms, supposing that you got a govt. job first and subsequently when you are already in the first job, you get abetter job.
    1. Join the first job if there is no other job call offer ready.
    2. Perform your duties in the job sincerely and efficiently and acquire knowledge and skill.
    3. Apply to any better job if you are eligible to apply .
    4. Do not forget to mention the correct details about your current job in the new job application, if it is asked there.
    5. If NOC is needed from the current job, then obtain it properly. If it has to be applied through 'proper channel' do so that way only.
    6. If in interview or otherwise you are asked when you will be able to join the new job(if you are selected) tell them that you need the prescribed time to resign and get relieved from the current job. Read your conduct rules in the current job about notice period for resignation.
    7. If you had followed all these, then when you get selection letter or call letter for joining, apply for resignation, ensuring that you are given sufficient time to join after completing all formalities of resignation and relief.
    8. If possible always take the personal guidance of your immediate boss or well wishing senior colleagues, in confidence, before acting in haste.
    Though for reading these may appear long, actually things are simple and straight, if you are honest and not hiding any facts.

  • Hi,
    Anytime you can resign from government job, as there is not as such contract like you have in any private job. So, you can resign it anytime.
    But now you have to concentrate to get a job, do the job properly i.e. to perform your duty properly. In the mean time prepare yourself for as such a suitable job and get that. It is not so easy as you are thinking. So, work harder and all the best for the coming future.

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  • Hmm. A kind of hypothetical question as already others users said in the above posts. I am just wondering there are people who are working hard by putting their heart and soul to get the government jobs and here I see a post on how to resign from government jobs. Anyways, as you have mentioned your are working to get into bank employment, remember bank exams are kind of tricky. You have to sweat out to get the job, hope you are well planned to do that. And it's a good thing that you don't want to be a burden to parents and prefer to earn your own bread. All I could say now. All the best.

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