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    What is the difference in green Tea and other Varieties.

    Wondering what is green tea? Looking for the differences in green tea and other varieties of tea available in market? Get your answer here. Understand the difference in green tea and other varieties of tea here in this thread.

    Earlier days we all know there was only one type of tea that was made of tea powder, sugar,water and milk. But now a days every body started telling about green tea. Green tea is a type of tea made with green tea leaves from field. They don't use milk in this tea.

    In the market we are getting many types of teas. Black tea,green tea, ginger tea, pepper tea etc. I would like to know do all of them come under green tea? What are the specialties of each variety of tea.
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  • If you meet any China person about tea's he will tell at least 50 varieties of tea immediately. All tea they drink is in water. I have attended event where there were tea stalls and had tasted samples. That Chinese person had most kind of flowers,spices tea made. Bottom line is type of tea are uncountable as everyone makes different variety.
    Coming back to particular about Green and Black tea. Both green and black tea come from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis tea bush. Now these tea leaves end up green or black depends on how they are processed.
    Green tea is made simply leaves steamed and dried soon after harvest.
    Black tea is dried and crushed which allows the action of natural enzymes to convert some of the simple catechins(Antioxidant) of green tea to more complex forms known as theaflavins and thearubigens.
    Ginger and pepper tea is nothing but flavors like I said earlier about flowers. Both Green and Black tea have caffeine and nowadays decaffeinate tea are also available.
    Regular black tea, 1 cup 10-50mg Caffeine
    Green/Jasmine tea, 1 cup 30-50mg Caffeine

    Some other flavors you can try are Jasmine tea, Saffron tea, Honey tea, Chocolate tea. Turmeric tea.

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  • Very good query raised in ask experts as you said there are lot of tea's available in the market. Even in regular tea there are lot of flavors. All tea which is prepared by using milk is the normal tea only the flavors are added in that so that it should that aroma smell in tea. But green tea is totally different we should not add any milk to this tea. As I have read the difference it is made from Camellia sinensis leaves that have not undergone the same withering and oxidation process used to make normal or black tea. Green tea is very good for health. But in this also different varieties used are just the flavors.

  • From the lay mans point of view a green tea is made and served without adding sugar and milk. Whereas regular tea needs to add sugar and milk. While green tea cannot be taken many a times , whereas regular tea can be taken 4 to five times a day. In Hyderabad we are having the habit of taking lemon tea. Even if you take once, the lingering taste of mint and lemon would stay in the tongue for long and we wont be inclining to eat any thing or even water. Such is the taste of lemon tea which is also called green tea in Hyderabad. But not every one likes the green tea and those who are health conscious only like it.

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  • Green tea have many benefits due to the different antioxidant present in the leaves. It also contain very less caffeine as compared to other normal tea. Below are some benefits of Green tea :
    1)Have anti -ageing properties
    2)Helps in preventing Alzheimer
    3)May minimize inflammation due to arthritis
    4)Helps in vision or eye care etc.
    Green tea is also available in Tulsi flavour. This one was ordered by me from one of the dealer. My sister liked it and ordered again.
    Green tea has a bitter flavour due to so many benefits.
    You may add little lemon juice or honey as a last touch to add little taste.

  • Main difference lies in the processing of the tea leaves. for the manufacturing of the conventional tea the withering and rolling process is used which is finally oxidized but for green tea the leaves are simply dried without much processing. It is done with the help of steam.
    Green tea contains the antioxidant called catechins which has anti ageing properties. Consumption of green tea improves metabolism so it helps in weight loss. Green tea must be taken with with water without using milk or sugar. For sweetening purposes, one can mix honey to it as it improves the taste and benefits. Now a days even green tea tablets are available in the market for the people who doesn't like the taste of green tea but want to get the benefits.

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