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    Interreligion Marriage of Hindu - Muslim

    Here is a doubt about the inter-religious marriage and the future of the children. Let us check in here to know what our experts say.

    I am a Hindu girl going to marry a Muslim boy. We both decided to remain non-converted. How could we grew up our children in today's society of Kerala without a religion? I am concerned about the education and future of our children. How can our children join a school with Religion column 'No Religion'? Is there a provision like this in Kerala?
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  • This is truly said that a women doesn't belong to any religion unless she is married. As an instance, if a women belongs to Hindu but got married to Muslim, then she become Musilm, off course.

    And hence, you are an educated young lady, you must have aware of this. That no religion exist for women. Her husband is everything.

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  • You are not only risking your life but your future generation. Before taking any further step you need to understand what things you have to follow and what not. Two different religions have different ways of following faiths. Till now you are grew up as Hindu and it will take another 30-40 years to forget your born faith. Are you ready to sacrifice what your parents taught?
    Don't worry about your children. Father of any religion automatically give rights of his religion to children. Your children will not suffer and will follow Islam. You will be or have to covert to Islam as well. Even if there are promises it is not written on legally that you will follow same faith and will not be converted. For your information , irrespective of your faith , 99% women are converted as per their husband's religion by pressure or choice. 1% left are highly reach people or women who get divorce and marries again. So instead of thinking about future better to take legal advise from any Hindu lawyer ( unknown to your husband ) and they tie up relationship.
    I have had seen cases where legal affidavit was made not to held anyone responsible for any pressure or act you doing. You can get affidavit and legalize not to get pressurize for change of Hinduism and keep it with lawyer for any future protection. All the best.

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  • In recent years, irrespective of religion,caste etc., even arranged, love marriages arel in the queue before the Magistrate of Family courts with lack of understanding and lakhs of misunderstandings. Only proper understanding is there and give and take policies are there the religion and caste wont do anything, otherwise the problems will get creeped between the couples and even contaminated to children. A friend of mine(muslim)fell in love with a brahmin girl. I, on hearing this news, called both of them and told to continue in love only if they have real interest themselves, and real confidence of marrying. Both of them were very confident and got married in a register office and went to Coimbatore after getting a job there. Later after a gap of some months, I happened to visit coimbatore on my office work I remember them and went to their house and got totally astonished. They found living with total understanding by having picture of Gods of both sides, he, the muslim boy totally dropped his non-vegetarian habit, making their child in vegetarianism. Unless otherwise such understanding is there, not even arranged marriage will get withstand.

  • As per Indian law, the children will be inheriting the surname, caste and religion of father from their father. It is necessary to mention about your caste and religion in the application for school admission and other things to decide on reservation category. So even though both of you will live without religion you can't completely go away with that.

    Marriage is some thing which brings in two new persons together and make them to live together. A very good understanding,accepting each other without any egos and adjusting with each other are the necessities of married life. When one is a little disturbed, the other should lie low. Small, small sacrifices for each other will make the life happy.

    The way you were brought up will completely get changed when you are marrying an other religion person. It is a sea change. You should get prepared for that if you marry the other religion member. Food habits, life style and all things will completely get a 360 degrees change. Please carefully think on these grounds and then decide. Once you decide go as per your decision.

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  • You can get married by Special Marriages Act by getting the marriage registered. By this provision, neither of the partners has to change their respective religion. However, in many cases, the wife in inter-religious marriage has to change her religion subsequently due to various social pressures, direct or indirect.

    So far as the religion of the next generation is concerned, theoretically you can indicate 'no religion' in the column of religion, but practically it is not possible in schools, colleges and universities. Moreover, if you indicate 'no religion' in respect of your children, they will not be able to avail any benefit associated with any religion.

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  • I trust that you are well aware of the social factors involved in this regard. I am not going to touch them.
    Apart from that there are certain other practical aspects which can make yopu and/or the children born to you I utter confusion . At this juncture you may have to fall under one or the other religion at least for the sake of practicality.
    For example, most of the application forms and other governmental formats ask for Religion . As of now there is no column or choice to declare 'No religion".
    So parents succumb to the dominant pressure of one or other family or the dominant religion in your environment. That may solve the problem for the time being.

    However if the children are influenced by the other side religion , then they get confused and may curse themselves or feel hatred to either of the parents.

    If there is a benefit from government like reservation, preferences, financial aid or some concessions and preferential treatment for one community or religion from among the two different ones you two now follow, there will be practical pressure and bias to declare following that religion or community.
    Saying of ideal dreams life is easy. But ground realities are different. The final decision lies with you two.

  • When you have the guts to marry a boy of other religion, surely you must brace up your energy to convince your parents and his parents. Now a days parents also understand the necessity and need of their children and wont relent for every thing. How you convince your parents or his parents is the matter most important. Nothing is impossible in this world. In one of the such case I intervened and convinced both the parents. You know what has been arrived as the final decision ? The boy parent categorically denied to part any property in the name of the boy but they are welcome to visit his parent whenever he want. The boys parents wont visit the girls parents house in their life and they should not be invited for any festival or functions. But they will remain as the well wishers of the newly married couple. I felt the demand was reasonable and made the boy and girl to agree as both were earning decently and they need not depend of fathers property nor money. That way you can settle your case too. But involve a common friend in this issue and sort out the matter amicably. Without the consent of the parents the life wont be happy.

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  • It is absolutely fine to choose your companion of your choice, irrespective of caste, creed and religion.
    We live in a modern world now unlike the olden days where love marriages were considered as a taboo. It is completely acceptable to get married to a person of a different religion as times have changed now.
    Just think of the old days when no one even considered inter- caste marriages forget inter-religion. But with changing times, people have become modern with liberal and open thinking.
    While I understand your concern of how will things be for your future generation when you'll mention "No Religion" and reaction of educational institutions and society to the same. But times will still change going forward. People's outlook to inter-religion marriages will drastically change with modern thinking and adaptability to changing societal standards. So need not worry, you just follow your heart. Because, living a heartless life is a greatest burden and don't penalize you and your partner due to societal pressures. All the best and am sure the best will happen to you. Thanks.

    Thanks & Best Regards,

  • In our society, there is no provision that you may leave a column of "religion" in any form for your kids. It's ironical in India that once a girl marries a boy of other religion then she has to carry her husband's religion or caste. It may happen that her in-laws may allow her to follow her religion but not in the case of the kids. They can't write " no religion" anywhere. In such a case, it may happen that with mutual understanding kids may allow to follow any religion. I have a collogue where her wife is a Muslim and she is allowed to follow her rituals and they have kept a Muslim name of one of their kid but I don't know what religion they have selected for him.


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  • My first question would be that whether are you aware of the complications which for sure would be showing-up in the coming times & in the future? I am saying so because after a certain duration of times the priorities gets changed irrespective of the past circumstances & more specially in the inter-religion marriages the situation could even go to worse. The Hindu religion is more flexible but the Muslim religion is in no way seem moderate to the other partners & therefore if you are agreed for getting shifted to the other religion than may possibly lead to a better life but if you are thinking with co-existing with both the cultures in harmony then you are not practical to the real life situations.

    I suggest you to look for a better carrier in the first place & at the same time continue to think on the decisions & the aftermath implications & still seem positive than go ahead keeping in mind that it's your decision & therefore no one to blame for good or bad.

    Don't ignore the parents because & analyze their experience as well.

    In addition, the age during the early twenties are delicate & inconsistent which can be compared to some kind of fantasies stories and at the same time liable to get easily victimized with the circumstances we are not experienced with & to be aware of about what is wrong & what is right you need some more time before you get settled with some own decisions suited for all.

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