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    What can my child do in vacation?

    Are you confused of engaging your child during this vacation? Here are few tips from our experts to make them active in various activities.

    My elder child is 13 years old. He is a good player of Table Tennis. He has pass 8th class and now will enroll in 9th standard in next session. Now for two month what can he do? There is not any coaching facility for table tennis. Do you know any site from where my child can learn or take table tennis coaching or any other activities in the vacation? His first priority is to take coaching of table tennis.
    Please tell me what activities my child can learn in vacation online since I have a wifi connection and there is not a problem of internet.
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  • Coaching centers or institutes for table tennis are available in almost all major cities of India. You have to find through yellow pages or internet such center near your location. If you are interested in some professional center then one such institute is in Ajmer, Rajasthan. It is - Petroleum Sports Promotion Board's table tennis academy. It is a reputed one and as per my information it enrolls prospective candidates even in some of its free coaching seats.

    Anyway apart from table tennis there are various activities where your child can engage during the summer vacation. Some of the suggestion are -
    1. To join some summer project in any school or college in your vicinity.
    2. To associate with some NGO organisation and extend help in their work.
    3. For a book lover reading new books and writing their summaries is a fascinating work. These summaries can later be populated in some book review sites in internet.
    4. To pursue hobbies in hobby workshops which are being hosted by hobby consultants in towns and cities time to time.
    5. To go to some wild life sanctuary and learn the flora and fauna of the country as well as the animal life there.
    6. If there are constraints in outdoor activities then the children can learn various things by sitting in the house itself like - creative writing, cooking, basic house keeping, handicraft etc.

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    There will be sports academy to teach table tennis or similar kind of sports activity to keep up your son concentrated in sports. For online learning there are lots of Android apps which Will conduct online coaching classes About lots of topic, like coursera, udemy and Khan academy. For kids at the age from 14 to 18 it's good that they can go for fencing, archery and swimming Classes, because these classes are not only for extra curricular activities but it also increase concentration and increases brains activities than normal kids also, these kind of regular activities will make them not to accept any bad habits throughout their life. Give the kid some topic and tell him to create a project and instruct him to collect details about that topic after finishing it give some gifts that will help him in future to accept any projects that will be given to him. Don't argue or compel them to go to summer classes ask them if they are willing otherwise leave it their way and make them sleep a lot, as per surveys we know good sleep increase brains capacity to know more things and be active all the time.

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  • At this age, It will good for him to let play outdoor games and enjoy his vacation at your native place.
    If kid is interested for coaching of table tennis then allow him to join some sport academy , gymkhana in your city.
    Worst case scenario , if you wanted him to get under coaching and there is not much sport institutes for Table tennis then buy good table tennis equipment's and hire coach to visit home.
    Still I would recommend let him play other sports too which he might like.

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  • You may hire trainer of Table Tennis to give training of Table Tennis.It can be availed through Google search.Maths and Science subjects are too interesting for students ,if they get good teachers ,who teaches these subjects in interesting ways.You may hire teachers for these subjects.Your child is now in class IX ,If he solves Maths book and studies Science in advance ,it will be helpful for him in getting good marks.Individual teaching is meaningful.So spend the vacation properly.

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  • Friend , this is a high time for you to make your children become familiar with the relations of your side as well your wife side by sending them to their houses with your wife or by taking with you. Let them enjoy the relationships as it could not be possible during the school times. Play, swimming etc., is there always with them during their school curriculum. But this chance never comes as they can enjoy more if they are in villages, they can enjoy different food items, situations, plays, peoples, etc., I saw one face book cartoon praying the mother by a child not to occupy him with some summer class.

  • You can do some of the following :

    1. Drawing classes.
    2. Go to relatives places and know their siblings.
    3. Learn signing.
    4. Learn martial arts.
    5. Learn craft.

    Like these are many outdoor activity for kids. And they can learn and spend their time. As you can see you can find the kids do some of such stuff and they can tag along with your kid. That way kid can be social too.

  • Now a days students are getting overburdened. Yesterday student completed 10th exams, from today school has started bridge classes. I questioned a teacher. What are these bridge classes. The answer he has given to me is very painful. He says the methodology for study up to 10th class and from there to+2 is different he says. So they want the students to get enlightened in this respect and be the front runners. So where is a free time to these boys and girls. In our summer vacations we used to go to our maternal grand father's house and enjoy there with other siblings. Still those memories give lot of happiness to me even now at this age. But today's children are missing that. They don't know any of their relations. Read, read, read and read. Not good.

    You can make your son to join in a coaching class for tennis during this summer, but let him enjoy at least two weeks with near and dears in your native village.

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  • Its good to have the talents sharp for the children to continue their sport during the school days and develop it further to a professional sport. There are yellow pages and just dial apps
    to look for the Table Tennis coach and also to develop and hone their skills in games of their wish and practice.
    Its also wise to develop a practice area in home where ever the place is available and also to
    develop the entire talent during their leisure hours after study. It is also a good idea to practice with friends about their skills in playing apart from the Table Tennis.

  • Your elder child is already a Tennis player and again asking him to try the same game even during summer vacation would be boring for him. Instead he can opt for various other works at the home itself. For example let him try some paper design works. In internet there are so many sites through Youtube teach the lesson on how to make best use of papers with different designs to decorate a room or for any function. Even small piece of cuttings made inside the paper makes a great series of designs and thus such activities should interest the students of the age prescribed for your child. Secondly let him play the Book Worm game in the computer. In this word puzzles are to be chosen from the letters given in the grids and the more complicated and big words are chosen, the candidate can go for further levels and appreciation would be mentioned.

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  • It is imperative for a child to explore the outside world, play, do physical activities and enjoy nature. My suggestion would be to not restrict him to online options.
    Parents and children choose summer camps to make new friends, learn something new, reconnect with nature, grow more independent and experience success and grow more confident.
    There are plenty of options available outside for table tennis coaching options. During summer vacations, most of the clubs offer summer sports coaching options. You can contact the nearest club near you. To get a contact, you can always get in touch with Just Dial to get the contact.
    If you are really keen on some online support for table tennis, logging into YouTube and getting access to online tutorials can also be considered as an option.
    Here a few more options for summer camps and keeping you little one involved:
    -Other sports like football, cricket
    -Arts and crafts activities
    -Adventure camps
    -Martial arts

    Thanks & Best Regards,

  • The idea of utilize the holidays/ vacations is pretty good. At this age, children have maximum grasping power. You should try to locate a good Table tennis coaching centre in your locality. If there is no coaching centre for TT, you can make your child engaged in following ways:
    1. Join him in swimming classes in the morning session. As swimming proves to be the best exercise and thus your son will get habituated to stay fit.
    2. You can join him in any summer camps held by different schools where they improve the personality of the students through various means.
    3. You can send him for chess coaching, if he is interested, as chess help to increase the concentration and helps to increase the IQ.
    4. He can be sent to this relatives where there are children of his age group so that he can develop interaction skills.
    There are many more ways you can keep your child engaged like sending him to singing classes or some martial arts classes,etc

  • Good to hear that you want your kid to get trained in sports, in recent days.
    1. If coaching is center is not available in your city, send your kid to your close relatives house and search for coaching centers available in their city. It could be more beneficial. He could learn table tennis as well as develop kinship with relatives.
    2. As many others suggested, swimming and martial arts are my good idea to learn in vacation period.
    3. Spending vacation free from gadgets would be meaningful.
    4. Let him read books
    5. Learn cooking - try small recipes like soups, sandwiches.
    6. Learn craft works - there would be some summer camps teaching handcrafts.
    7. If you have anything broken or not functioning like cycle, bike, fan, chair or table. Make him to fix them. Let him study the object and learn to fix it from various sources like Internet, nearby mechanical shop, friends and you too guide him.
    Wish his vacation be meaningful to him.
    8. Learn new language

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  • Here are few suggestions which you can try to make your child entertained during his vacation.

    1. Let him play with his friends in the outdoor as after the vacation he will have to engage fully on studies.
    2. There are many vacation crash courses which includes many activities. You can sent your child to these courses.
    3. If he is interested in singing, music or drawing, let him learn that.
    4. Some coaching classes are available wherein next year syllabuses will be taught. It is an introduction to the child before entering the next class.
    5. If you can't find any coaching class for table tennis in your area, let you child play table tennis with his friends. It will help him to practice.

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  • Since your child is interested in playing tennis you can arrange one or two of his friends or call them at home for playing with him. You can arrange a table and tennis ball and bat and tell them to play among themselves. This will increase his skill. Even you can say your child to watch table tennis match on tv or youtube channel. He can learn rules, techniques, tricks from it and apply it while playing with friends. You can also encourage him to go to the gym during the holidays and tell him to play other outdoor games as well. This will increase his physical fitness will he can utilize in playing table tennis. You can also encourage him to join some co-curricular activities like tabla or singing or drawing etc. You can also take him to spoken English classes as well which will definitely increase his fluency. This will create a confidence within him.

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