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    What should we do during sudden chest pain?

    Want to learn first aid techniques to tackle severe chest pain? Know from experts and doctors on the panel how to deal with sudden chest pain and the first aid to be given to patients having chest pain or heart attack.

    Nowadays, the lifestyle of people has completely changed. Instead of eating food from home they prefer eating outside food. Due to this, a lot of people in our country are a victim to obesity and many of them fall under the category of the over-weight condition. This is the true reason that has led to heart attacks or heart strokes (chest pain) among many of them.

    1) So if you are alone and suddenly you get a severe chest pain, what all can you do to save yourself at that point of time?

    2) Suppose, you are with your friend and he/she gets a heart attack, what will you do to save your friend?

    These are the two different possible conditions which can happen. So, in that case, if ever in your life you face or undergo such a situation, what will you do? How will you react to these situations? Please share your valuable suggestions and advices.
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  • Sujish, what will you do in such a situation? First-aid is not always a layman's forte and so, unless we are aware as to what need to be done exactly, the best thing would be to get medical attention at the earliest possible time.

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  • There are many reasons of chest pain not only heart attach or heart pain. The reasons of chest pain may be :

    • Heart problem
    • Lungs problem
    • Bones and muscles problem
    • Gastric problem
    • Due to kidney problem

    Now I will discuss on heart problem and what to do. I have written an article about heart problems and their characteristics. To read this article please click here .

    When should you contact a physician?
    Immediately contact your physician in the following conditions:

    1. If you feel sudden tightness or any other problem in breast bone.
    2. Chest pain which spread in other parts like shoulder, left arm, back etc.
    3. There is shortness of breath
    4. Rapid heart beat or heart breathing
    5. In case of Excessive sweating

    If you are alone don't walk. Sit or lie down where you are. Walking in this condition may increase you problem. If you are with your friend, and your friend suffer with chest pain and symptoms of heart problem, call a physician or cardiologist immediately. He will manage or guide you what to do next. Never try to do anything you don't know.

    Remember walking is dangerous in this situation.

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  • The World Health Organization(W.H.O.) stated that 70% deaths are due to Diabetes, Heart attack, Stroke and Cancer. 50% of these deaths are associated to unhealthy food. More than 78 crore people in the world are suffering from Arthritis and Spinal diseases. Every year more than 8 Lac people suffer from cancer. In India, due to Heart diseases, 90 people die every hour. 20% people are in hospitals due to the side effects of allopathic medicines.

    Our body is a Holy temple presented by the Almighty God and to keep it enlightened, our heart, which is the lamp of this temple, the food and drink we intake, should be pure and nutritious.

    There are five essential elements: Air, Water, Food, Far Infrared rays and Earth's magnetic power. But today, we are getting these five element in impure form, hence, we are becoming victims of various diseases. Even the air we breath in is impure. More than 7000 chemicals are found in air. Water we drink is impure and is contaminated with lakhs and crores of bacteria. Around 55% of pesticides are found in wheat and vegetables.

    Our body derives magnetic power from the earth, but now we are not even getting this adequately as we are surrounded by thousands of iron made products: cars, trains, factories etc. In ancient times, people used to live nature's way. They used to inhale pure air, water, food and used to gain sun's infrared rays by getting up early. They preferred walking barefoot on the ground to attract earth's magnetic power which prevented them from various ailments.

    Accessive use of mobiles and other electronic gadgets emit Electronic-Magnetic which is harmful for our human body resulting in several diseases: cancer, heart attack, headache, laziness, blood pressure etc. Electromagnetic radiations are even more dreadful than terrorism.

    I would go for Ayurved products like Herbal Gomutra, Flax seeds, Shri Tulsi, Aloe digest, Heart strong, Spirulina, Herbocid, Vita diet tabletr, Tru health capsules. One can purchase this health kit and carry anywhere you go. These products are available in pharmacies and FSSAI companies.

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  • Chest pain happens for many reasons. And all of those reasons are serious. It is not wise to ask for opinion online or check on internet. Chest pain which if happens with one of those pain points like - heart, kidney, obesity, lungs, stomach gas. All can be fatal. So make sure you are checking up with the doctors. And you can do much better with their opinion instead of internet opinion which in such case can't be good unless you are checked.

  • Chest - pain may be the result of several of several health disorders comprising both serious and nonseriousness in nature. However, it may manifest malfunctioning of heart and may cause stroke if timely intervention of Heart - specialist is not followed. In case of a pain which is moving to shoulder, left arms and back, it signifies the the possibility of the heart- attack. Such symptoms may also appear because of the upward movement of the the gas and in that case a minor treatment would be required to normalise a patient. Any obstruction in the passage of air in the Lung may result in Chest pain . In case of deterioration of Kidney - function, chest - pain, may happen.
    However, severity of the problems cannot be assessed by having a glance at the patient's condition, the most practical and wise step would be shift the patient to the specialist without fail for the immediate attention of the specialists.
    If the patient is alone and is facing such a malady, he should seat down in a safe place and should apprise of his condition to his family - members or he can have a talk straightway to the Multispeciality - hospital so that emergency - van may be sent for pick - up and timely treatment is started.

  • If you are alone and you got the chest pain and none is around you to help. That would be critical condition and one has to brace up themselves. Drink water first and that would mitigate the pain to certain extent. You are always having cell phone handy and make a call to free ambulance 108 which is available in every town and city. The ambulance would come within minutes and in the ambulance itself emergency services are provided so that you get the breathe well. And after reaching hospital you can inform the relatives about your admit. This is the right way to attend without panicking everyone.

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