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    Procedure for converting Booklet Driving Licence to Smart card Driving Licence

    Do you have Booklet Driving Licence and interested to get it concerted into a smart card licence? Then know the procedure from our experts here.

    Please provide the complete procedure for converting the Driving Licence in Booklet form to Smart card of Uttar Pradesh State, Noida Region. I have collected my Driving Licence in 2011 in booklet form and now I want to convert it into Smart card. The Driving Licence has the eligibility for two wheeler and for cars.
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  • The District Transport Office are responsible to issue and will provide the new Smart card replacing the booklet with plastice Driving licence called smart card as low as Rupees 400 to 800 for existing and new one's respectively.

    The required documents are:

    1. Medical certificate that has complete reports of your medical information: Blood group and Fitness reports and certificate.

    2. Permanent Account Number (PAN): Attach a copy of your PAN card with the form.

    3. Residential or Residence certificate: The District Magistrate will issue a Residence certificate if an individual reside in that locality or District for minimum 10 years.

    4. Address Proof: Attach a copy of you address proof with the form. The address proof maybe your ID Card or Aadhaar card for KYC verification.

    These are the procedure and documents required to apply for smart card and same procedure applies to converting your Booklet to Plastic smart card.

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  • Is there any online procedure for same because now I am working in a company outside Noida and I am not able to go to RTO Office in the office hours. So, Please provide online method.

  • Which license you currently have? Is it 4 or 2 wheeler vehicle license. I have had same situation . You do one of these.
    1. If you have only 2 wheeler driving license currently then go for 4 wheeler. Learn 4 wheeler through driving school and give road test. You will get combined license of 4 and 2 wheeler vehicle if you clear.
    2. Other way is to ask for minor / major correction in license. Think this as opportunity to change your address , photo and apply for change. It will cost to you some amount but you will get smart card license. Visit nearest RTO for more information.
    3. This is direct way to apply for smart card license. There is no for form online as such but in RTO office it is allowed to get smart card driving license replacement with some charges.

    Visit following site for various forms of license. Unfortunately only appointment of driving test are online so far. I have not seen corrections or online procedure for driving license replacement.

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  • There is no online procedures to apply for the same. The reason is, one needs to fill up the form and formalities in the DTO itself. Your passport size photographs, signature and driving test are to be verified and conducted. One can download the form online but have to signup yourself, attach and submit it to office. This is only the legal procedure.

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