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    Is it better to quit BSNL Wi Max and go for Reliance JioFi?

    Planning to take a new internet connection? Confused whether the Reliance Jio connection is both affordable and applicable for your internet needs? Find out from our experts.

    I am currently using BSNL WiMax unlimited Home Plan 750.The present monthly bill comes to Rupees 940/-. Using a WiFi router we use the internet in two PCs and two mobiles not necessary all at a time.
    The speed was good earlier. Speed test used to show that the speed was sometimes even 1MbPs. The assured speed was only 512 Kbps.However of late I suffer lack of connectivity, very low speed etc.
    I had a compulsion to buy a Reliance Jio Fi connection as my son needed it temporarily when he was out of station.(He did no have a 4G phone and Jio only was giving the speed he needed for his assignment related works at that place). He used it for one and half month from February middle to March end. The investment on Jio Fi was in total Rs 2300. However by March 31st,the same has been renewed with Prime membership of 99 and recharge o Rs 303. That means it can be used with the offer data of 1Gb per day till July 31st.

    What it will be after July is an uncertain guess.

    So is it prudent for me to quit the BSNL connection and go with the Jio Fi connection? Or is there any other better plan with any other ISP?
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  • The BSNL Wi Max cannot be afford by most people because of it's high ISP plans and average speed. However, most people can afford Jio because of it's high speed and incredible offers.

    There are also ISP we use in Nagaland. The Airtel offers 349 Rupees recharge offer where you get free calls to any mobile, and you also get 10GB internet connection. However, with just 303 Rupees recharge, Jio is offering 1GB 4G data that's worth 28GB TO 31GB free data along with unlimited voice calls, SMS and etc.

    As of now, Jio is the best ISP in india. We can stick to it tillg July and consider to use if they provide recharge offers at affordable price.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

  • I think BSNL Wi max is not worth your expenses if you have found JIO speed wise as an alternative. If the speed and the price is compared then if JIO performs good then you should go with it. BSNL too have launched updated plans. So you may want to take a look at that. I think you'd find those plans much better then switch. I think if all variables are in your favor for JIO speed in your region, I think switch does make sense. As the new prices without prime are out, so do note that too.

  • Now a Days BSNL has also come out with three different plan one of such is STV 333.
    In this plan people can use 3GB per day at full speed and after 3GB uses speed will be restricted to 80kbps .
    This Plan is having validity of 90 Days but at present this plan is available in selected States only.
    There are other 2 plans also in which there is restricted free calling and Data uses also.
    Plans are very Good but now only required proper service and maintenance.

  • As per my opinion Jio is currently the best ever ISP in India which offers awesome speed and features with attractive charges. the connectivity is too good and the speed is just awesome. Me and my sis both are using it. now we go for the prime membership and really enjoying the service.
    Previously I was also using BSNL, which has a very slow speed. So, I switched over to JIO. So, it will be a wise decision to shift from BSNL Wi max to Jio Fi as you have already invested rs.2300/- on it.

  • For the time being I am continuing with Both Jio Fi and BSNL WiMax. My son is taking JioFi with him it and using it when he is not at home. At home BSNL Wi Max is used. I am waiting for matters to crystallise and stabilise still further to take a different decision.

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