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    Can we use Reliance Jio Fi sim in a 4G phone

    Do you have multiple 4G mobile phones? Wondering if the Reliance Jio connection in one will be applicable in another one? Find out from our experts.

    My son had to buy a new JioFi device and 4G sim connection for a particular purpose urgently as he was not having a 4G phone. The JioFi device is now almost idle as there is an unlimited internet plan(home) available for daily use at home.

    Now he plans to get a new 4G phone. Can he use the Reliance Jio sim used in the Jio Fi device in the new 4G phone?

    Please give firsthand experience. Is there any risk of the SIM or phone getting locked if this is tried?
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    Jio Fi is one of the best option to access internet up to 31 devices including 2G/3G mobiles . I personally use Jio Fi sim in my 3G mobile with the help of Jio4Voice. Yes you can use your Jio Fi sim in any 4G phone.

    Phagu Mahato
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  • The JioFi is a portable modem card, Wi-Fi or router where one can carry anywhere you go and surf web, make HD calls, sent SMS and even watch movies on the go with a Reliance Jio sim in it.

    One doesn't need to worry about shifting the Jio sim to other 4G mobiles as long as you have subscribed or paid the Jio Prime membership of 99 Rupees along with recharge offer of 303 Rupees.

    On the contrary, JioFi is enabled to use or to offer for Jio users who doesn't have 4G enabled devices. With JioFi, one can surf or do anything with thier 3G enabled devices at lightning speed experiences you get in 4G.

    You can off course use JioFi with any 3G Or 4G devices or even in PC's and laptop with Wi-Fi connections. One can easily shift to 4G phone without any problem. Now Jio works both in 3G and 4G phones.

    Last but not least, you can insert the Jio sim to 4G phone from your JioFi and surf the web without any problem. Make sure your new device has installed Jio app to access and activate the features in your new 4G Device.

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  • Any SIM added into dongle or the Wifi dongles are known to work on mobile. As long as you are paying the money for the SIM's subscription. In case of JIO postpaid dongles, they can easily work with roaming option too. In case of prepaid, they may get charged on roaming making it lose the balance of the phone. But you get the idea that the device will continue to work on 3G, 4G phones without much of an issue. Make sure your phone has option for 3G and 4G. Because if not 4G then SIM can use the 2G and 3G functionality. It can be used with hotspots or it can be used on the Dongle with PC access as well. So it's not necessary that you have to use it on JIOFi dongles alone. Any third party device would do as well.

  • The Jio outlet person told me that it was not possible because it was linked to the IMEI of the device. That is why I specifically asked this question. Is there anyone who tried this recently and succeeded? I do not want risking locking of the SIM for wrong use.

  • IMEI locked dongles can be unlocked. You can make that request. In case of Vodafone and Airtel there is an option for that. So that you can buy 3rd party dongles after the official one gets worn out. It should not be a problem to make your new dongle to be used with Reliance. Just go through online channel instead of franchise because franchise says it's impossible as they want to sell you the dongle.

  • Any Jio sim that is provided by jio is come with a prepaid connection guideline and there is no such restriction to use that in any particular device. So, you need not to worry about using that sim in other device. What you need is just a 4g enable smart phone with volte support to use the jio sim. But, if you are looking to use an other sim card in your jiofi device you need to break the lock first as they support only jio sim by default. You can easily unlock your jiofi device by using some software available online or you can get it done by a mobile shop easily.

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