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    Operations V/s International business - which is the better MBA specialization?

    Unsure about whether to opt for Operations or for International Business as a specialisation while pursuing MBA? Get guidance from career experts on which is the better option in terms of a better future career.

    I am an MBA student and am going to select specialization. However, I'm bit confused between Operations and IB. As I am working in operations from last 6 to 7 years. I am thinking to take operations with the following subjects:
    1. Quality Management & Six Sigma,
    2. Operations Strategy,
    3. Productivity Management,
    4. Service Operations Management.

    However, I don't have managerial experience and because of that I have doubts for Operations.

    I am thinking about IB as well because I work in French language from last 5 years and have very good command over the language. Learning new languages is my passion as well. I speak 5 languages (Hindi, English, Punjabi, French and Spanish).

    Lots of people have suggested me to go for IB and take subjects like:
    1. International Business Environment & Strategy,
    2. India's Foreign Trade & Trade policy,
    3. Export Import Management,
    4. International HR & Cross Cultural Management.

    Based on the above mentioned details, which one should I chose and how could it help me in my career?
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  • Operation - management deals with the techniques for the maximisation of the productivity with the best utilisation of the resources such as man, machine and material. The output must match the best the quality - standard. Here different tools are employed to maximise the quality output with the minimum manpower and lesser input materials.
    In fact, you will be given sufficient expertise by your learned professors to achieve the skill in that direction. This area seems to be relevant especially when the prices of the raw materials have soared up substantially and the inventory - cost has risen due to less off - take of the materials due to non matching of quality - certifications including six - sigma.
    International business is the area where you have to be familiar with different tools such as Indias Foreign Trade Policies, Forex - regulation, International cultural management etc.
    With your consistent studies and substantial exposure with the trade, you can excel well in this field. In that way, there will be excellent growth of your service prospects in the companies dealing with Foreign - trade.
    So, you can choose either of the two for your further perusal depending upon your inclination.

  • Operation management is a very good subject and very good prospectus are there for this. Operations management include cost control, control of 4Ms ie material, men, machines and money. They teach very good topics in this subject in MBA. Many MBAs are excelling in operation management. Many quality tools will be introduced and taught. These are very useful in your career development. If I have to choose between the two I will opt for Operations management.
    International business is also good. But the openings will be more for Operations management. However individual interests will vary. Without interest we can't choose a subject. Whatever we choose or select we should excel in that and we should be on the top, then we need not worry about the prospectus.

    always confident

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