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    How to prepare IIT JEE in class 12

    Need help to prepare and score high in IIT and joint entrance examinations? Here are the nits and grits of getting success in IIT & JEE

    I want to prepare IIT JEE after 12. Please provide me detail information on that.
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  • Great, early start is always good to go long. You should have a definite study plan and study material to start with. You may choose our online study plan and study material .

  • Warm welcome as a new member and glad to see your first post on your eagerness to learn IIT JEE in class 12th in advance. Now a days some schools have already started this stream from the 8th class as the foundation course and the students are gradually taught on this tough competition in future. Moreover those who have 10 plus two pattern exams, the two year Intermediate course are fully loaded with IIT JEE coaching and guiding lessons and if the candidate is sincere to achieve success then coming up with flying colors in weekly test would be very much suffice to achieve all India ranks in IIT JEE.

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  • You have not mentioned in which standard you are presently now. If you are in 11 th class you can join coaching center where they will prepare you to compete in IIT JEE examination. They will also arrange for you to appear in 12 board examination.
    If you are in 12 class so you can join crash course after 12 th examination. It will be beneficial to you since they will provide you methods to solve question in short cut method and you will learn how to save your time in examination hall.
    There are many books which will be helpful to you for the preparation of IIT JEE. You can purchase this books from market.
    You can also check your preparation online. There are many site which provide online question answers, test paper etc for the competition exams. I know one such type of site. Study always is one of such type of site where you can check your preparation.

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  • Preparation for IIT JEE is getting hard as each year competition increasing. Nowadays preparation starts from 11th itself and most mathematics belongs from both year of higher secondary.
    1. Take out time from regular schedule for IIT JEE studies.
    2. If possible and have feasible options then join weekend classes for IIT JEE.
    3. Discuss with parents , friends about IIT JEE preparations. Try to get much information about latest updates , choice of questions and timing for exam.
    4. Make sure to walkthrough syllabus of IIT JEE exam before starting studies. Otherwise you will be surprised in exam by seeing totally unrelated question.
    5. Every weekend solve one question paper be setting time. Allow your parents to check the answer sheet.
    6. There are many tricks and hints for remembering formulas , known solutions. Learn about them through internet or through IIT JEE Paper solutions.
    7. Go through last 5 years of question papers and summarize percentage of marks allotted to different areas of studies.

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  • IIT JEE examination is conducted in two phases to select candidates for admission into Ist Year B Tech/BE/b Arch in the national Premier Institutions like NIT, IIIT,National School of Mine, ISER & IITs. The Phase I is JEE (Mains) examination which is a qualifying examination for the JEE (Advanced) for admissions in IITs under Phase II. The ranks would be devised based on the performance in the Advanced examination for admission into IITs while the ranks would be given separately for those who qualified in the JEE (Mains) examination for admission into NITs/IIITs etc., The JEE (Mains) examination is conducted by CBSE while the Advanced examination is conducted by on the designated IIT to do so for the year.

    For the preparation part, our friends have suggested well above. Apart from that, it is ideal to have a better coaching for it. There is a wide range competition and you should focus on comprehensive continuous evaluation system of the subjects Physics, maths and Chemistry. Referral books like Advanced mathematics by A Das Gupta, Various Chemistry books written by R K Jain and Arihant series for Physics would be helpful. You have to analyse the pattern of examination for the last 5 or 7 years for the examinations and try to get easy tips for fast solutions from your tutor or college teachers. The coaching institutes would conduct weekly tests and don't miss them as this would help you to increase your quickness and analyse your knowledge and let you know how fast you are. If you can afford, purchase monthly magazines like Physic for all, Chemistry for all etc.,or other JEE related monthly magazines regularly which would give a better idea for you. It is not that much difficult if you put your efforts very seriously and work hard for three to four hours regularly and sure you would get a rank below 10000 at All India level in JEE Mains which ensures a berth in a reputed NIT. As far as IIT admission is concerned, a rigorous coaching is essential.


  • Cracking an IIT exam and studying in IIT's a dream for most of the Engineering student. Like you have mention that you want to prepare for these examination after 12 so you are thinking to drop out one year. So, you need to cover up all the course that comes in 11 and 12 within a single year.

    To crack a IIT exam you need to compete against a lot of good competition. In order to achieve this goal you need to be get focused first do not divert your mind to other thing just think about this examination and give your 100% effort. Also it helps you more if you keep motivating your self and best way to motivate your self is to follow some one from IIT and visiting IIT campus and lots more, its really a different world in IIT.

    Secondly, you need not to rush for things while preparing for IIT smart studies really helps you to crack these examination. Most common mistake student do while preparing for IIT that they eager to go through every thing in course. What important here is to plan your syllabus and decide according to your level of grasping power to what you have to learn at that point of time. Never, get demotivate if someone has more learning and grasping power to you. You just need to study hard and learn every thing in proper way not learn to just for going through a topic.

    Concept building is really important in cracking an IIT exam, you need to built your own concept or tricks to get a problem solved in less time. Student uses many such tricks and these tricks can be gained by your own when you devote time to solve a problem.

    Do not search for for books here and there Student always have eagerness to buy a new book or study material if some one from your friend circle is studying one. My suggestion here is to Stick to NCERT books and some other help book and solve each problem listed in those books. You can also join test series and weekly magazine provided by various institute to keep checking your growth.

  • IIT entrance test at the first sight may appear tough but with your honest efforts and by mastering the NCERT test books being followed in your classes for eleven and twelve would prove to be immensely helpful. You may follow the tips as mentioned below-
    1) The best way would be to understand each and and every chapter fully so that your concept to solve any related problem is clear. You must be an independent thinker to crack the problems. So you need to pay attention to your prescribed text book.
    2) In order to have the clear ideas about the pattern of IIT test, you may study the previous year question - papers of IIT and such study of questions of previous seven years would give you the glimpses of the questions likely to be set in the current year.
    3) Don't be confused by going through a number of books available in the market. Restrict to a minimum number of books in each subject namely Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics and for the selection of such books, you may take the suggestion of your teachers who taught you in your classes.
    4) You may appear for the mock test organised by FIITJEE or any other reputed Institute to know how far you can solve the problems. They would evaluate your papers and would suggest you how you can do still better in the ensuing tests.
    5) Allocate an adequate time for each papers and you need to follow the same schedule.
    6) You need to have separate note- books for each subject where in you may write down relevant formulaes, helpful diagrams and hints and revision of such points would help you during the test.
    7) Never compare your self with other colleagues appearing for the test because doing so, negativity would set in your mind frame.
    8) Be particular about your food. This must be balanced one containing adequate Protiens, carbohydrate and essential Vitamins. Include fruits such as grapes, oranges apart from a small quantity of dry nuts. Engage for physical exercises on regular basis for at least thirty minutes in order to restore healthy metabolism.

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