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    Best shares in India stock market to invest in 2017 to get best returns

    Eager to invest in the stock market? Get opinions and suggestions through the responses below to know the ideal shares to invest in to avail of best returns.

    I want to invest in good quality stocks. Already in 2017 the Indian stock market has risen a good deal and still there seems to be room for buying stocks from now onward to fetch handsome returns. Could anyone suggest names of Indian stocks to get good returns? Also could anyone tell me the sectors to invest in for 2017?
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  • There is no readymade list of stocks which one can buy in 2017 to get good returns. There are various industries and hundreds of good stocks but what to purchase for one's portfolio is a big financial puzzle.

    Actually one should not blindly follow the various advices floating in the internet for share purchase recommendations.

    What is required for a prudent investment in shares is to find out certain things about a company and then decide to invest. Now what are those parameters of judging a company.

    Some of the things which we must look out are -
    1. Sales turnover and sales growth are high as compared to their competitors.
    2. Good dividend payment history.
    3. Are the shares quoting at a low rate as per the average price to earning ratio of that industry, if so they become lucrative.
    4. High market capitalization as many big and reputed companies are having high market capitalization.

    The above is a list of some important aspects and while seeing for them one will encounter many other parameters which will also be helpful in taking a conscious decision.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Its a good idea to invest in the stock market. The stock market has mutual funds, which could give you a strong return after the period of three years or one year based on the quantity you are about to invest.

    If you are interested in equity there are also lots of good shares that grows 30 to 40 % of stocks in a single year and along with the dividend. If you are a long term investor it will be good enough to hold the funds for three years to five years for a better cycle of opportunities.

  • Stock market is subject to fluctuation. Those which may fetch good returns today may not be fetching so after a few years. The contra also may happen.
    However shares of companies which are established and have a good history strong financial parameters like strong capita and , reserves, growing turnover, growing profit, steady and consistent dividend payout, issue of bonus shares if any, healthy trade in the stock market etc are safe to invest in.
    Then there are certain sectors which are always essential and in daily demand. Investing and staying invested in them is good. However there are certain sectors and industries which get boost and encouragement by the changing policies of the government.
    Just for example, after the currency withdrawal recently, there is a boost for the online payments systems and online wallet systems. The manufacturers of point of sales machines may get a boost in turnover and profit.
    Generally it is safe to invest in established companies with reputation and good capital spread and market trade volume. One should not expect overnight windfall, but keep patience and stay invested for some time.
    So one should keep watching such upward trends and downward trends in sectors and related companies. In case one is not that much knowledgeable and experienced, it is better to invest in established mutual funds . Here one can select sectorwise funds or diversified investment funds.
    It is suggested that one may follow one o two market channels and one or two financial magazines.

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