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    Best programming courses after bachelors degree

    Planning to pursue a tech programming course after graduation? Find out from experts which specific course you need to learn for future job scope & which would be the best institute to learn it at.

    I am interested in taking a programming course but am not sure at which institute and which specific course. As of now, I am doing my bachelors degree program. I need a suggestion on where to take up the course. I am interested in technologies, be it phones, PCs, etc. Also, I want to know how much will it cost me to join a programming course.
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  • Since you have not mentioned degree of bachelors as Engineering or arts degree its better to opt for the same stream of Masters degree program.
    As already you are doing the Bachelors degree program that should be related to the computer science Engineering, or Information Technology. Its best to opt for the same stream or group for easy understanding and mastering the course after graduation. Since Masters degree has the fundamental in the Basic degree like
    bachelors degree its one of the best option so that learning process will be more good and understandable.

  • As per the current IT trend anything that is related with data science is most in demand and companies eager to pay more for candidates with such profile. As, you have just passed out and if you are looking for a job i will suggest you to go for a course on SQL server and MSBI, in order to learn these course you do not need to join any institute there are many online material and tutorial are available on various sites and YouTube channel. you can easily learn it from there also the Microsoft itself given a free copy for these software and many tutorial to gain skill in these technology.

    If you are looking for a better job opportunity and already working for an organisation there are lots of scope in BIG DATA and HADOOP. So, I will suggest you to go through these courses. There are many online training program which you can go through to learn these technology they will charge you around 25K. But, i will suggest you to look for the tutorial online and do it by your self.

  • Pursuing a programming course along with regular studies is quite difficult. If you are intrigued then go for C and later Java.

    Programming language are easy to learn but hard to master. Most institute offers three months couse in C language and six months for Java.

    The reason why I am recommending you to learn C language fist is that you gain, learn and understand the basic and advance knowledge before learning other programming languages which is very difficult to learn other languages like C#, Java, Python etc from the first place.

    Learn C and get started with C.

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  • Since you have completed your graduation but you have not indicated the stream with which you have passed out. In case, you are a graduate other than computer or IT field, your capacity to learn programming - language would take a substantial timing. Take any language Java, Oracle, C++, SQL server etc and to be familiar with any of these modules, you need to have a personnel tutor to guide you in the areas where you are deficient.
    There are numerous institutes in the markets providing you the right inputs in your programming languages such as NIIT, APTECH or any other institute taking personnel care in your learning process. Take the help of any one of such institutes in grooming your programming languages and appear for the certification examination at the end of the semester such as Oracle - certification, Java - programming etc in order to enhance your potential in your assigned language.

  • Most of the answers here are being generic on what type of programming course will help. But in reality, industry demands are different.

    Languages such as C, C++ and VB are mostly not used outside your college campus. Very few companies are using these languages, mostly in telecom and some hardware level companies require experts in those languages.

    At IT workplace for developers, mostly the following languages are dominating - Java, C#, PHP and ASP.Net. Some companies also hire Python and Ruby developers. Android which uses Java is another skill in demand.

    As for the database - the following database experts are in demand - MySQL, MS SQL Server and ORACLE. That being said, NOSQL database experts are also in demand with MongoDB and few other databases being deployed in the enterprises.

    Go with what is being in demand by the enterprise. And that should give you enough idea on where to spend the resources before graduating. You can also learn skills such as Salesforce and few others. That too will work out in case if you get campus placement as those skills are in demand too.

  • It intends that you have interest in research and development. Not all people lucky to get jobs in R&D. If you wanted to continue your interest better to research more which mobile Operating system language you have more interest. Like Android , IOS etc. Now all you need to plan to go for post graduation in main stream or do some institute course as add on. So if you choose PG you will be locked for 2 years. But you can work on project of your interest and there might chances you land up in dream company doing work what you wanted. For PG you can either do M TECH or ME in India or MS in USA or abroad of your choice of subjects.
    If you choose institutes like CDAC , NIIT, SEED for learning or courses in India then you will not have job security but you might get more learning in your choice of expertise.
    Spend some time on choice of your subject and research in foreign and domestic which college offers it. All the best.

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  • There are ample programming courses available online and as instructor led. Since you are also doing a degree, it would be beneficial to do a course which leads to an international certification. Since this will improve your employability status.
    Instructor led versus online courses:
    Online courses often are not highly valued as much as instructor led since practicals are closely monitored and evaluated. Any short term online course may equip with you with the required skills but may not give an opportunity to practice the same.
    My advice: Prefer 1 major course: instructor led (in your area) and few others online (Course era, MIT OCW open course ware, Khan Academy etc.)

    Programming versus Administration / Testing courses:
    If you have strong logic building and analytical skills then choose programming course. Else opt for administrative / testing courses. Job opportunities are exist in all of them.

    Here are a few suggestions for course and certifications:
    1. Java Professional
    2.. Oracle Professional
    3. Oracle Developer ,DBA
    4. CCNA
    5. SAP ABAP, Security, Basis etc.
    6. Peoplesoft: developer
    7. Oracle/ Siebel etc... Developer
    8. Automated/ Manual Testing
    9. Database: DB Manager, SQL etc.
    10. Android App development
    11. IOS app development
    12. Big Data
    13. Analytics- R, SAS etc.
    14. Hadoop

    The fees for the course can range from 5k to 1 lac depending on the course. Check out what interests you and the job opportunities in that area (online job portals).

    Hope this answer helps in resolving your queries.

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  • I am pre assuming that your bachelor degree is in Engineering.
    What I would suggest you is after completing your Bachelor degree you can give an exam of CDAC which is conducted every year. There are various branches of CDAC out of which Bangalore and Pune are considered as best. You can get a better understanding of this on .
    Here they provide you all courses ranging from embedded system, .net, linux, system administrator. I have many of my friends who went there for a diploma and have got very good placements.
    Best of Luck

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