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    Online library membership facilities for children

    Want your kids to develop the reading habit during summer vacations? Check out from this Ask Expert page whether there are any online libraries available for membership for kids.

    The academic session 2016-17 is soon going to end and students will enjoy their vacation in coming two months. Books are good friends and we should develop a habit to read books. Now a days every thing is available online. So I want to know if there is any facility for membership of an online library? I have two children and I want to sign up with an online library membership for them.
    Let me know if there is a facility for such an online library membership for children.
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  • There are many online libraries for children and many books are in public domain and freely available for reading there. The books which are not free can be read or purchased and different sites have different methodology for that.

    Anyway for general interest I am giving some addresses of sites which are only indicative as there are many many more such sites.

    Visit these sites and definitely children can enjoy the fun of reading there.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Here are some of the online options which are good for kids.

    1. Britannica : It has both app and the online website subscription. It is encyclopedia which has content good compared to Wikipedia and also animated content.

    2. Curiosity : It has online app and also desktop app. You can find fact based content on this app.

    3. Wolfram Alpha : This is another app which is good for the math, physics and chemistry. It has mostly the analytical content.

    Apart from this Youtube kids is another place where you can find some good stuff for the kids.

  • Reading online novels and books are not recommended for teenagers to adult as the chances are higher for person to make a victims of EMR radiations when connected to internet and surf the web for long hours. It may create health problems gradually.

    Dangerous Electro-Magnetic Radiations (E.M.R) are even more dreadful than terrorism. Mobile phone, computers and other electronic products emit Electro-magnetic radiations which can be harmful to our body, resulting in several diseases like, weak memory, weakness, cancer, brain tumor, ear diseases, headache, tiredness, laziness, heart disease, blood pressure, epilepsy, hormone imbalance and irritability and etc.

    The excess usage of smart phones and computer connected to internet leads to penetration of carcinogenic cells behind the ears. Even usage of mobile phones can destruct DNA. People using mobile phones or any contraption connected to internet for two hours regularly are 25% more prone to the pain sensation beneath the ear. This is the fist caution. Use of these devices has resulted into 45% increase in brain tumor cases.

    There are hundred and thousands of Library available offline. Make use of it. They offer at low and affordable charges to students. An avid reading is mandatory at the time of teenagers. However, one can download Amazon Kindle app, download ebooks and read offline. There are also thousands and lakhs of premium and free ebook apps available in Play store and iOS store.

    Go for it.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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