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    Why does quality of signal differ from outside to inside the room?

    Have a query about quality of signal transmission? Searching for the reasons for the change in quality of the signal within and outside a room? Find suggestions from experts to all your queries.

    The room has a bit denser medium as compared to that of open environment but we know that velocity of EM waves(except light) do not depend upon the medium factor. It's velocity is equal to the velocity of light in vacuum c= 3 X 108. Correct me, if I am wrong at some point. What is the correct logic?
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  • Basically the signal strength is reduced inside the room as compared to open space because the walls and roofs along with the metallic window sliders etc create an enclosure and the energy of EM waves is attenuated.

    In earlier days the radio signals were feeble inside the rooms so we were putting a long wire or mesh and connecting it to the radio set for good reception as the signal induced in the long wire or mesh was sufficient for good reception.
    That was the trick I am still using with my radio set of 1998 make.

    The velocity of EM waves is maximum in vacuum and slightly reduced in the mediums depending on the type of medium. But how that is related to low signal strength inside the room will require some study of physics behind the process.

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  • You must have heard concept of "Jammers" which blocks radio frequencies for various wavelengths from mobile to radio. Now like that room or home act as Jammers to reduce the network bandwidth. if you walk to door you will get high signal range compare to inside.

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