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    How to remove ink stains from clothes?

    Wondering how to remove stains from clothes? Looking out for any feasible remedy? Check out this Ask Expert page for resolution to your problem.

    I was wondering how ink stains of Pointer (Uniball) Pens could be removed from cotton or any other material clothes?
    Unfortunately I've got ink stains on some of my latest shirts. I have tried removing them using various detergents, "Vanish" and getting them treated from dry cleaners. But unfortunately the stains have not gone away?

    I would like to learn from the experience of any of the readers if any of you were successful in removing ink stains of various pens.
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  • You will find many methods for removing ink from the clothes and there are many washing products available in market which boast of ink stain removal.

    Some of them work partially and others do not work. Still people use them on trial and error basis.

    One method which I used was satisfactory. That is to use a little of nail polish remover at the stain and rub it with a cotton dab. Repeat a few times and immediately wash with soap and water.

    You can try this one to get rid of ink on clothes.

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  • There are many ways with which you can remove the ink on the clothing. Some of the methods work on all the type of clothing but some may not work depending on how sensitive the material is.

    1. Nail polish thinner or remover can be used for removing the ink on clothing. You have to apply the remover on the affected area. And then you have to wash.

    2. Take half bucket warm water. Warm not extreme hot. Inside warm water, put the clothing. And keep it for more than 12 hours. After that go for rough wash on the affected area.

    3. Use washing powder such as Tide and Wheel. And keep the clothing in the water for more than 12 hours. And then wash it in machine or rough wash by hand. That should clean up the affected regions.

    One of these method surely works for removing the stain. There are some other ways but may require use of chemicals and some expensive powders.

  • Amway Prewash is one that you can use. Or any other branded Pre wash should remove ink stains. I have had that experience and removed using prewash. Apply prewash 1 hour before exactly on stain and then wash it with detergent like Arial , Surf excel. These prewash sometimes removes color of cloth so gently apply only on stains.

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  • There are two methods I know.

    1. Use a mixture of amyl acetate and amyl alcohol in 10:90ratio. Then apply that mix on the ink stain with a brush. The stain will go. Then you can wash the clothes as usual.
    2. Take a very dilute calcium hydroxide and apply on the stain. You can rub gently. Ink stain will go.

    Before deciding any method please try on a waste old cloth and then which ever is working the same can be used for removing the stain on your clothes.

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  • To remove ink stains from clothes use detergent powder and hot water immediately wash it before it gets dry. use rubbing alcohol is ideal to remove ink stains and it can absorb ink when you put the alcohol on the stain.just put the alcohol on the stain and rub it till it dries. continue the process till the stain goes. Apply a non-gel toothpaste on the stained portion and wash it with water. Use hairspray by putting a paper towel under the stain first than apply hairspray to the stain. Nail polish remover will also be helpful in removing ink stains from clothes.

  • The best way to remove Pointer (Uniball) Pens stains is to soak the area in Dettol (do not be surprised this really works). Just pour some Dettol directly on the ink stains and gently scrub the area. Leave it to stand for 5-10 minutes, scrub again, and wash the shirts as you normally would.

    This is a tip I learned from someone whose daughter was in the hospitality business. My husband's brand new white uniform had gotten soiled when a ballpoint kept in his pocket leaked causing huge stains. I was sceptical about this tip, but it worked. Mind you the stains were massive - they just vanished, without leaving a trace. I used Tide, for the final wash.

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  • one's i got ink stain on my jeans, then i got to know a method from a friend and i used that method for removing the ink stains from my jeans it worked for me and i am gonna tell you that method i hope it will work for you also.
    1. You need a little amount of colgate (according to how large is your stain size ).
    2. Then apply the colgate on the satin area.
    3. Then let it dry for a few minutes (Remember to not let it dry hard)
    4. Wash with warm water.
    that's it.

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