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    IAS document verification query

    Have a minor discrepancy in certificates? Worried about IAS document verification? On this Ask Expert page you will find responses from experts which shall resolve your worries.

    There is minor discrepancy in my father's name in the 10th certificate i.e only one word is missing. I went to CBSE regional office where they informed that one year is over, it is late by now and it cannot be rectified. Will it be a problem in UPSC document verification? What should I do?
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  • You have to again approach the CBSE authorities for knowing from them the legal procedure in such cases. They may ask you to fill an affidavit and notice in newspaper after which they may issue a corrected certificate. For affidavit you can consult a lawyer and there is standard format for same and it will be done by him easily.

    If the CBSE authority refuse to issue a corrected certificate then at the time of document verification you will have to produce the affidavit.
    In addition you must keep handy all your earlier school certificates and documents where your father's name is correctly reflecting.

    Normally CBSE or any other such authorities issue the corrected certificates after the legal formalities are done by the student.
    It is not understood in your case why they are refusing on the pretext of one year delay in asking for correction.

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  • As long as you have 10th marksheet you are good. Certificate is token of passing appreciation. Still you can keep back up of affidavit that name in 10th certificate and other certificates are same. Also you can try and get duplicate certificate from board. Sometimes school also gives passing certificate , you should meet your principal and explain them situation. These all are authorized documents and should suffice required.

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  • Please make it sure that your name is reflected correctly in your Marks sheet or Pass certificates. If they are accurate, there won't be any problem even there are some minor corrections needed in father or Mother's name. A stitch in time saves nine. Any correction in the certificate needed requires authentication by the CBSE or the State Board as the case may be. You have to approach your school/college first who would route it to the Board dully vetting your application. When things are delayed, there may be some hurdles due to laxity or technical reasons and in such extreme conditions, you need not be worried. A legal affidavit duly signed by the Notary would always be a good option .

    This is the process in every case whether a clerical post in Government or an IAS probationer. Because your character and antecedents would be verified by the IB or some other agencies before issuing appointment order. In such cases, the parental details would be verified. Don't worry. Try to change the name through Board itself as there is no bar and you can approach them at any time even after a lapse of one or two years, be sure with your Registration particulars and enrollment details.


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