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    Problem in SSC document verification because of wrong caste

    Have a query about document verification? Worried about wrong caste filled in SSC certificate? Check out this page for answers to your queries.

    My original caste is OBC but I put 'General' category in my 10th exam. Will I face any problem during document verification process or later during the job?
    Can you describe the complete document verification process?
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  • No problem at all, if you are not going for Government job after graduate. There is no roadblock in your future career if you opt for private jobs. However, on the contrary, if one is going to apply for Government jobs, one has to provide the Schedule tribe or caste certificate by marking the appropiate category and attaching the required documents instead of choossing the General option.

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  • What is the caste mentioned in your school certificates before class 10? If it is OBC you show all those documents along with your caste certificate from the tehsildar or the competent authority there and request your college/ board/CBSE for the correction and get a corrected certificate. This will save you from any hassle in future when you want to apply in Govt jobs.

    You may be asked to provide an affidavit for this and if so you have to get it from a lawyer.

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  • We must always have our all the documents correct. So I will suggest you to go for correction in SSC document. It is very easy to change you category from general to OBC.
    Most of the board has done this facility online. Please check on the board web site. Is there an option to submit online form for the correction in the category? If the option is available then you can fill online form for the same. You have to submit necessarily document for example mark-sheet, photo copy of scholar book of school and certificate of principal and cast certificate.
    If this facility is not available online then you have to fill offline form. you can collect the form from your principal of district education officer. The fill the form and submit the form at your state board office with required document.
    After the complete procedure board will issue you a new mark sheet within 7-14 days.
    You have to submit fees for the same. It is free for the one year of passing but after then you have to pay some nominal charges for the same.

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  • Yes, you may face problem at the time of applying for Government jobs. To avoid difficulties in future, you have to immediately request the concerned Board in writing to rectify the mistake. Along with your application you have to attach your caste certificate proving that you belong to Other Backward Caste (OBC) category. While applying for Government jobs, you have to indicate the correct category (OBC) and attach the caste certificate.

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