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    What to do after 10th in engineering field?

    Unsure whether to study further for a career in engineering after Class 10 exams or join a polytechnic course? Get expert advice from the responses below.

    What should I prefer to do after 10th std? Should I go for polytechnic or do 11th, 12th? I want to do engineering, then what should I prefer to do? What is more beneficial for me?
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  • If your score is good (percentage wise more than 70) you can go for class 11 and 12 and then try for engineering. In case your score is not encouraging you better opt for polytechnic where you will be able to gain practical knowledge and learn some skills which will be useful in long run.

    If you have interest in computer related fields then you better complete your class 12 and join some computer course. That will give you an opportunity to apply for varied jobs in computer area.

    Another option is go on studying till your graduation and then try to do management courses which will give you choices on a bigger canvass.

    Try to remember that without zeal, dedication and hard work nothing can be achieved in this world and where ever you go you will find a lot of competition. There is no need of any panic as one has to take it in one's stride and face the difficulties with patience and positive thinking.

    Good luck.

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  • Normally parents would ask the child preference at this stage and take decision accordingly. Rather than the likes of the parents , it is the interest of the student matters after finishing 10th class. And in your case you have the interest to be an Engineer in future. That means you have already decided what to become in future. So without confusing anybody, please take the intermediate section with MPC group which takes you to the Engineering level of education. Intermediate is the stepping stone for Engineering as you have to write common entrance test for the Engineering with this qualification for getting seats in Engineering.

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  • It depends on your interests, You have to choose the option which helps you in reaching your goals. If you want to do an Engineering in IIT's, then you need to go through Class 12. If you join Polytechnic, it will be a 3 years course. In Class 11, 12. You will be focusing on more theoretical approach and knowledge but doing Polytechnic will give you more practical knowledge, the industry exposure and real time experiences. After Polytechnic you can have job opportunities too. After Polytechnic , you can join Engineering too directly in to the 2nd year through Lateral entry. Ofcourse you need to write an entrance exam for that again. So Its Up to you to decide, which course you should Opt on for your career.

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  • Choice of opting a three year course diploma or continuation of class 11 and 12 so that you can ultimately choose the four year Engineering - course rests with you. So,you need not be confused unnecessarily on this point.
    Supposing you choose the former option and could show a brilliant performance in each semester of the Diploma, you are sure to get a supervisory job in an Industry where you will work in a team and you may enjoy faster promotion with your experience and expertise. There are different streams such as Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Civil, Computer - engineering etc in the Diploma - course and you have to select one of the streams depending upon your interest and you need to show your caliber. If interested for the Engineering - degree course at later stage, this can be done by taking admission in the second year of four year Engineering - course in the stream with which you passed out your diploma course.
    You have to be a good planner and stick to your current goal and in that way, you would do the best in your assignment.

  • What to choose after Xth standard is one of the most critical decisions since this will ultimately shape your future.
    Looks like you have finalised Science stream and have now a concern to choose between Diploma or Degree. The options can be chosen based on the following points:
    a. The choice of only doing a Diploma after X and taking up a job is gradually waning. The roles offered in the industry could be that of a junior technician followed by a senior technician and then a foreman unless you opt for a part time or distance post diploma along with your job.
    b. Diploma is a stepping stone to do Degree through Lateral Entry, join degree in second year. However the seats are only around 10 % which comes to 6 in a class of 60 in AICTE approved colleges. Note that you need to score well to get admission to degree.
    c. Opt for XIIth Science, by joining the rat race and slog for two whole years so that you can get admission into a decent engineering college for engineering Degree program. You will need to study for Board Exams, All India exam, State level exam, and additionally for College level entrance exams (NMIMS-NPAT- Mumbai and Shirpur campus, Manipal, Sikkim Manipal, BITS Pilani-Goa-Hyderabad, VIT-Vellore etc).
    d. Opt for XIIth Science and then choose 5 year Technology Management Program at NMIMS for IT, Computers. Eligibility is valid NPAT score

    Now the next point is regarding how to choose the discipline/ branch. Currently most colleges in India offer a variety of degree programs: Computer Engineering, IT, Mechanical, Electronics, Instrumentation, Electronics and Telecommunication, Civil, Mechatronics, Robotics, Chemical Biomedical (Need to take Biology in XII), Biotechnology, Aeronautics etc. Choose this judiciously since this is again a career finalisation point. It is not worthwhile to choose a stream for a year and then change to another. Check out what interests you in Science stream: is it Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Electronics or Computers. Accordingly opt for the program.

    Hope the above resolves your queries.

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  • By the time you are in 10th, you need to know your strong and weak points in the academics. Like are you comfortable with physics, or chemistry or maths. Because if you choose maths, to be weak then your entire engineering would be a bit tough on you. In case if you choose to go medical, your biology, physics and chemistry needs to be strong. If your inclination is to go towards the engineering, you have two routes.

    1 After 12th through regular engineering program as B.E
    2. After 10th with 3 year diploma and then BE 2nd year onward program.

    In case of 1st option you need to make sure that you want to pursue BE and if your inclination changes along the way you can have choice of doing something else. If your inclination changes after Diploma then you don't have much of the options and you have to finish the diploma. So as you can see doing the 12th is pretty much important if you want to keep your options open. In that case you can go for multiple career choices too.

    As for what to do in engineering. You have biotech, computer science, electronics and many other good fields to check for. But your personal interest plays role there too.

  • If you have interest in only technical studies then go for diploma or polytechnic. Mostly more than 50% opportunities are in computer science so be very sure selecting your steam in Diploma because you can not change it in degree later.
    Going for higher secondary is best option to do to keep all engineering, medical studies option open. Also you get more time think about what you want to do. You can always choose computer science subject in 11th and 12th that also rules out medical choice. Also there is equal competition in after 12th engineering graduation entrance CET exam, So be sure what your aim is . If unsure still or don't want to take chances then go for higher secondary.

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  • I would suggest that you first complete class 11 and 12 and then you proceed towards engineering studies. The following are the reasons as to why I say this.
    1. Since you are inclined towards studying engineering, I take it for a fact that you want to join the corporate sector. In most top ranking corporate hubs the selection of interview candidates are done online. To be able to get selected for a job interview, you must fill up your full credentials, including 10th, 12th, graduation marks and marks of any other certificate or degree courses if applicable. So if you don't pursue 12th standard course, then you won't be able to fill any application form.
    2. Engineering courses demand a good basic knowledge in the subject of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Be it polytechnic or a degree course, this is applicable for both courses. So it is better if you study 12th standard and then apply for either polytechnic or a degree engineering course.The course curriculum of class 11 and 12 or BPP, which is a bridge program in between undergraduate courses and class 10 is designed to learn the basics required for the subsequent undergraduate course. So even if you study Economics as an undergraduate course, then also you would require the basic or preparatory knowledge of class 11 and 12.
    3. Thirdly, if you complete class 11 and 12 then you will be able to apply for other entrance or elimination based examinations for undergraduate courses. You can take admission in some leading undergraduate universities of India, if you complete class 12. If you wish to join IIT or NIT, then a good score in the board examination is mandatory.
    4. Lastly, be it polytechnic course or degree course in engineering, the courses have a high semester fee. To cope with that you would require a part time job in call centers or IT training centers. You can apply for such jobs, only when you complete class 12.

    So now you decide, what you need to do.

    Live life Kingsize!

  • Hello

    Firstly I tell you some of the benefits and Cons of both options so you can decide on your own

    For Diploma
    It offer practical knowledge to you,as diploma offer more practicals than theory
    But you lack knowledge in Mathematics, which is essential for Engineer
    You cant Join few top colleges like IIT with Diploma and you cant study in other states
    Companies don't prefer Diploma holders much,as they lack knowledge in Maths and other aspects(knowledge can overcome this though)
    They you face problem with your Engineering maths and other subjects where maths is very important.

    For PUC
    You will have better knowledge in Maths and other subjects which will help you later in your career
    Gives you option to choose any college withing India
    Companies prefer Students from PUC/10+2 over Diploma

    I would say go with 10+2 if you ask me, but if you not into engineering yet want to have diploma for job. You can go for it., but once you enter diploma u cant easily change your stream like in 10+2.

    Good Luck.

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