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    Does sauna bath help in losing weight?

    Wondering if sauna is a weight loss remedy? Looking out for answers online? Find advice from experts on this page.

    Most of the Gyms nowadays try to provide Sauna bath. Within 5-10 mins you start sweating and this sweating continues. All this is artificial heat for sweating.
    Does it help to reduce body fat?
    Also many prefer not to have shower bath after Sauna and clean themselves with paper or towel. Is there reason not having shower after sauna?
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  • Sauna bath makes use of principle that when a body is sweating it reduces some amount of weight. By raising temperature of your body and making it sweat to some extent can reduce the fat. Most of the fat reducing belts are also on same principle. However be it sauna bath or belt, both focus on quick reduction of weight. In this process the body undergoes metabolism change. For some body type it means they get more hungry and consume more food. Some body type end up getting less hunger leading to their health issues.

    Reason for not having bath after sauna is because your body adjusts itself to new set of temperature and sudden change in temperature to new level with shower. Say with cold water results in fluctuation in body temperature. This may exhaust body and you may feel sickness.

    As you can see quick reduction in weight is not healthy. So sauna bath once in a month can be good for the body. But regular sauna bath or quick weight loss does not help the body. Instead it regains the lost weight quickly.

    Each body type is different. And some can take weekly sauna bath and also shower without any issues. But on general observation everyday sauna bath is not healthy.

  • Sauna bath may reduce some weight but sauna bath alone will not be able to work as a weight reduction method.

    Generally people after rigourous exercise go for sauna bath and it is the combination of both which gives positive results for weight loss.
    With sauna bath you get cleaning of the skin pores more effectively and the thermostat system of the body is rejuvenated and you feel fresh and relaxed.

    In fact for weight loss a holistic approach is needed including good life style, exercises, controlled food intake etc. You can also add occasional sauna bath to this list.

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  • Yes I am also of the opinion that by having Sauna Bath, it will reduce our weight to much extent because the process of Sauna bath and getting sweat around our body especially in the abdomen area would enable us to loose weight and also feel light. I have seen many of my friends going for Sauna bath instead of going to gym for reducing their weight and they are quite happy with the result. Not only the weight reduces gradually but fair complexion of the face is also guaranteed. That means one would have the look of beauty treatment to their face. That is the reasons people are longing for Sauna Bath.

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  • Sauna bath is an excellent means for continious sweating and this process helps in cleaning the pores in addition to continious flow of the sweating. Any reduction of water from the body results in weight - reduction. However, it must be noted that the results can be perceived on continious indulgement with such exercise. Belly - fat can be trimmed with this exercise.
    However, we need to take special care with respect to diet as well for the regulation of fat. Plenty of salads like Cucumber, Tomato, Onions should be included in your food. Protien- intake has to be stepped up and you may use hot water for drinking since these are the best means to improve your metabolism helping you trim your body - weight successfully.

  • There are so many methods to reduce the weight and one of them is Sauna bath. Whether it works or not based on individual usage of it differently but one can also reduce the weight naturally by food consumption practice changes only since the main cause of increasing weight is of food consumption only.

    How to reduce the weight naturally?

    It is simple that if anyone who would like to reduce the weight gradually and naturally, he/she have to reduce just few food items' percentage, like reduce the half of the salt, sugar, oil and fat items usage daily. For example, if anyone takes tea with 1 spoon sugar then he/she can reduce the half spoon sugar for a long duration or more than few weeks, so it will help to reduce the weight. The same practice have to do for salt, oil and fat items percentage reducing to decrease the weight, naturally within few weeks.

  • There are no instant ways or methods to lose weight. Generally, weight gain is seen post pregnancy (which is physiological/normal), sedentary lifestyle, increased calorie intake, and in some cases due to hypothyroidism. There are no shortcuts to weight loss and do not fall for the marketing strategies. Sauna exposes a person to dry heat and wet heat alternatively and makes him/her to prespire, to be more precise, it is just like you sweat when there is a change in temperature and humidity. Prespiration is a response given by the body to cool itself when you are exposed to hot and humid weather. Do you lose weight through prespiration or sweating and is it a permanent weight loss, think about it? Sauna is more useful in cold countries where people do not sweat and methods like sauna will have a soothing effect in cold weather. The only benefit that you will have through Sauna in a country like India is muscle relaxation due to the exposure to heat, which can be acheived by warm water bath. Please be careful if you have conditions like arthritis while being exposed to heat or methods of treatments that are hot, which might aggravate your condition.

  • Artificial sweating is always not good for health because it has a lot of side effects. Sweating should be naturally produced from our body. Suppose if sauna bath installation is not done properly, then you may lead to severe head ache problem's. Especially sauna bath is not meant for asthma and for heart patients. Even normal man should get adjusted to that steam room other wise he may also lead to some serious health issues. So I always suggest to have natural way of sweating by walking, exercise. More over reduce weight always depends on the intake to our body.
    1) We should stop eating junk foods like fried items.
    2) Eat fruits at regular intervals.
    3) Sprouts are very helpful to reduce weight.
    4) Drinking Luke warm water with little honey early morning in empty stomach is very helpful.
    By following these simple steps it will help to reduce your weight than with artificial way to lose weight.

  • A sauna bath makes you sweat because the temperatures in the sauna room are high. When you sweat you lose water from the body. Approximately, 65% of the body weight is made up of water. Remember, water is essential and needed for various body processes. Hence, losing weight (water) through sauna is not healthy weight loss. To lose weight you must lose fat.

    Fat cannot be melted away. Fat has to be metabolised – converted into energy. This can be done only when there is a caloric deficiency or when we use more calories than we consume. Eating a low-calorie diet (not fewer than 1200 calories) and burning more calories than you eat, is the best way to lose weight.

    Also, note that there is nothing like spot reduction of fat. The body generally burns fat uniformly, but abdominal fat is the most difficult to burn.

    The best way to lose fat is to build muscle, as s more calories are required to maintain muscle. Also, learn to eat the right way, to boost the metabolic rate. A better metabolic rate helps burn more fat.

    The following article explains the relationship between metabolism and weight-loss -

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  • Hi,
    Now a days met of the gyms offers sauna bath for their customers who came to loss weight quickly. Basically in sauna bath you have to spent few time in high temperature which results in excessive sweating. It causes a little bit of weight loss of your body but it is not very trusted or ideal method of weight loss.
    So, if you want to lose weight maintain your diet, perform free hand exercise in every day, avoid junk foods and alchohol.
    In the later part of your question you want to know is bathing is right after sauna bath. No, it is not correct to take bath with cold water immediately after sauna bath. Because a sudden temparature in your body can create different types of physical problems.

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