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  • Category: Technology

    How to merge Internet Explorer multiple Windows into one?

    Have a query about merging internet explorer windows? Wondering if it is possible? Check out this Ask Expert page for solution to your queries.

    If you have 10 different Internet Explorer 11 windows open and wanted to merge in one what steps to be taken? IE11 does allow separation of tab from original IE window into new window by simply dragging but when it comes to merge it back it is getting difficult. First is it possible to merge windows and if yes then how?
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  • On the technical side. One window with tabs inside runs single thread. And multiple IE windows means multiple threads. You can see that you can merge tabs across windows and get them in one window. But be it any browser merging windows is not possible. Only tabs can be merged. If the windows has the tabs in it, then Firefox and Chrome just requires the drag and drop of the tabs to merge them. But IE 10 and 11 seems to be not having that sort of functionality. In that case it helps to upgrade to EDGE and then merging the tabs across windows would be as easy as dropping or moving thee tab to another window. But this may not work in IE 10 and 11.

  • As explained by Mahesh upgrading to Edge is the only option to merge all windows. Internet Explorer can only open tabs in different windows but cannot compile them to one.

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