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    Want to extend my knowledge on chess.

    Want to know more about playing chess? Searching for guidance online? On this page, you can get tips and suggestions to hone chess skills.

    I am okay playing chess but how can I know more about this?Can you provide advice about what to do? I want to extend my knowledge for this game.
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  • Really nice to hear. Chess is a very popular and interesting indoor game. You can extend your knowledge by following methods:

    • Learn rules of chess. you can learn rules of chess online. We know many thing of chess but do not know all the rules of chess. So first thing is to learn all the rules of chess.
    • Try to play chess as often as you can. It will certainly improve your game.
    • Try to play chess with better player than you. By doing this you will find and learn new moves.
    • Watch the professional matches played by player and try to learn from them. You will find new strategy form here.
    • Make record of your games and analyze these records.
    • Take this game seriously.
    • If you have any coach or good play at your local level, try to learn or to take coaching from him.
    • Improve your thinking power as chess is a mind game.
    • There are many chess games available at google play store. so you can use google play store and try to learn different tactics from here.
    • You can play online chess to improve your chess skill.

    So by using above tips, you would be able to improve you chess skill.

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  • Very good question! As a chess-enthusiast, I have been learning chess from the following website:
    This is a wonderful website for learning chess. You can learn opening moves, middle game and end games. You can get the analysis of moves of eminent grandmasters and can also play online games. You can also play against computers at different levels. There are many international tournaments in this site and it can be used free.

    I strongly recommend you to use this site. I have been using this site extensively for more than 5 years and I myself have improved a lot.

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  • You can learn more about the chess both online and offline. There are plenty of academy out there which can bee helpful for you to learn further. There are also some of the online tournaments which can guide you with the competition. You can learn a lot from this. But I suggest going for the local option. I think there is a lot to learn about chess if you compete with the experts. You can also learn from the specific set of books which discuss the strategies of the chess moves. Playing against computer can be good as well. My personal suggestion is joining local academy for the same.

  • Too much practice is automatically extend the knowledge in chess because of understanding related to chess will also be extending. As a begineer needs to read theory about the chess but as you said you are already play chess many times than watch videos online of chess to know about how both opponents will running walk and strategy they both use. Study chess books with a chess board in front of you to practice different positions given there. play chess game in a computer very old game in computer operating system.

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